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Dear Harry,

 I wanted to share what an amazing and empowering time I have had interning. I came here wanting to reconnect with the mission, I had somehow lost touch with the 'feeling ' I had when I first felt it to be a natural evolvement of our planet. I have been protecting indoctrinations of work, my deeply ingrained class system, etc. It had become a 'have to because it's the right thing to do'.

 On this course I have had the privelege to work with a family and interestingly enough heal a lot of beliefs around the working class background that were holding me back from creating better. To see the blossoming of the Avatar and a family on the way to Wizards has been so rewarding and touched my heart deeply. I feel your mission. It is 'in me' not outside of me. I feel so excited to go home and start creating. I have an old friend coming to do ReSurfacing with me when I get back. It is my intention that she will get the unexpected result and desire to keep coming up all the way to Wizards and beyond.

 The compassion and inate 'feel' to contribute I have in my heart after this week makes me feel alive, connected and wanting to share. Much Love,

K.S.- USA- 2009

Dear Avra,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you and Harry have created and being the stable reference points for us all. Thank you for the feel of you and for every single jewel of wisdom you have shared all week.

In particular your talk today was an indescribable experience, the result for me is that I want to take my next step in responsibility as a Master.

During this week I have experienced all the ways I have been connecting with people has been from identities, stemming from transgressions and victim hood. I want to change that and contribute to the mission of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

I look forward to this journey of creating more Avatars, Masters and Wizards. My primary is to create 50 students in the next 12 months.


Cherry Pehar- Australia- 2009

Dear Harry, Thank you for the Avatar experience.

This internship has been a stretch. I have learned from my mistakes, trusted my feel-its and intuiion and taken on more responsibility. It has been easier to recognize my identities and handle them.

I have learned to align with masters and teach them how to "call" their students back in consciousness. I have aligned with masters to handle stuff on source list. I have been present and feeling their secondaries and when they go.

In initiation with a master, I felt she was feeling through her body (not in feel) and I helped her learn the difference and have a better result.

I helped a student on reality creation create in the moment not got to the past to compare. I also helped her experience agreeing with the secondary versus creating and knowing.

This course was amazing with the tracking done by the Trainers and all the Masters. This has been an empowering experience.

Nadine Raffelson- USA- 2009

Well Harry my first internship has ended and passed. Not without some persistant identities surfacing!

I was reacting in this identity and created some disappointing moments. After getting some help from trainers how to handle this, I did. I finally " felt "how I CAN get out of an emotional reaction by using my will and source to go through the identity. It helps get through the reactions! Yeah!

S.W.- USA- 2009

Dear Harry,

I have seen students having amazing results with the materials. As a result of what I have seen with the students I realized I haven't' really been getting interested in my own creations, but have been pushing them aside. This morning when I was doing one of the exercises with my Master buddy, we were noticing aspects of secondaries that felt big and exagerating them. Suddenly the secondaries didn't feel so overwhelming.. I feel so empowered and excited to get really interested in my "big" life creations. Suddenly they don't feel so overwhelming. I feel so much relief! I can't put it into words.

I have been working on fully engaging my power to create the life I love and help awaken the world. I realize that using my power is actually using my transcendant will (as in the will mini-course)to get really interested in my creations and other peoples creations and to help us all turn off our indoctrination one automatic rsponse at a time.

I am bursting with gratitude and excitement. Thank you so much for your love and care.

Belinda Hoole- USA- 2009