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Dear Harry,

I am currently at The International Avatar Course serving as a Master. I wanted to share my wins with you. After handling a major secondary in my life, it took maybe 5 minutes to decide to do the Wizard course. Also I had for the first time in many, many years a civil, present conversation with my ex-husband. We have been divorced for a year. I took ownership of my creations, my ideas about him, and my creations of self in that circumstance. I felt all of the creations. It was graceful!

I am grateful to have this life and to share it with you at this time on our planet as we create a ripple effect from out hearts. Grace to you, Avra, everyone in the network of Masters and all beings that are ready to awaken. May they all find their way home. Love,

Diana Janek- USA

Hi Harry,

Well I just want you to know how glad I am that I came to my first Internship as an Avatar Master. It makes me want to continue, continue, continue and , oh yeah, also keep on going! I also want you to know it's okay to keep scheduling courses during the European Soccer Championship. I know it sounds incredible but Avatar actually became more important for me than watching the games! Mahalo, Merci and Deep Aloha,

Emmanuel Greif- France/Hawaii

Dear Harry,

I am enjoying my student's success at unfolding from previous creations. It is awe inspiring to be in this privileged position as an Avatar Master. There is no better vocation or place to be than right here, right now! Much love,

Lin Walden- Australia

Dear Harry,

Today I had an amazing day! I was supporting a student in doing the first exercise in ReSurfacing, the Personality Profile. She could see her life patterns very clear. How she was creating struggle in her life. Only with the Personality Profile she could connect the dots about how she was creating her debts, she was rewarding herself while she was . When she was finished we worked with another tool and she saw her beliefs about creating debts as a way of living. It was amazing to see her insights.

The tools are wonderful to help people to see their sabotages on many levels.

Thank you for the tools and the programs, it is all about love!

Mariza Gleg- Mexico