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Dear Harry,

Today I worked wih a student as she had realizations reading the definitions of secondaries. This was for her a real blow out and a big breakthrough. From then on she went smoothly throught the materials.

The materials are magic. Never have I experienced such a breakthrough at the definitions reading.

There is quiet amazement.


David Abels- USA- 2009

Dear Harry,

My Mother has been doing The Avatar Course since the 2nd of May in Osaka. She is now finishing in Taipei. She is 76 years old this year but her persistence and courage make me so impressed and I have reverence for her.

Today I have speechless feelings that I have changed so much from hate to love and feel gratitude and appreciate my Mother! Thank you so much Harry for letting me have the tools and chance to integrate all the creations towards my mom.

When I did the first Source List with her I had big tears in my eyes witnessing her ability to use the tools to handle the secondaries and create the primary.

She learned some of the skills without me even teaching her.

Having her to be my student/Mother is a blessing that I have integrated and expanded so much by taking her through the exercises one by one. I have moved through so much resistance and many identities during this course with her.

I will bring her to the Master Course next week and Wizards soon. I am sure there will be lots of insights and revelations I will encounter. I am looking forward to receiving these gifts from her.


Kannie Lee- Japan- 2009

This course has provided me with a new understanding of creation. We use the word casually all the time. But for the first time I really understand.

A creation is something made where there was nothing. We are attached to the things we create in the same way a child is attached to a painting he or she made. Some of the paintings are bright. Some are convoluted. Some dark. But they are all paintings non the less and the child puts a little bit of who they are into it. In the same way we are all attached to our creations.

So the viewpoint that is new to me is appreciation for the works of art that are not beautiful but even so are works of granduer and a comprehension of what appreciation really means. People identify with what they make and they want the appreciation. And that is the key to really connecting with someone. Just like when we were kids we still want the same appreciation for what we do. You figured it out Harry! I finally get it. Thanks.

Demian Dressler- USA- 2009

Dear Harry,

This week has been an amazing week. Many times Qualified Masters have told me to be in Orlando for an internship.

Until now my secondaries have ruled. But I jumped and what an experience. More than 1000 people in the classroom. All willing! What an energy.

I feel the feel of enlightenment and I'm willing to grow faster! To be more bold because it's worth it.

Crazy idea of yours but I like it and want to contribute and be part of that Sangha to create that EPC.

Even if it feels sometimes scary, I will endure and overcome my secondaries. The materials will help and guide me.

Be my beacon.

With Love,

Rob Salemink- Netherlands- 2009

Dear Harry,

The internship was a fabulous experience. I got to stretch beyond my comfort zone and deliver two Resurfacings in Spanish. My Master says I found my niche. I have built more confidence and enthusiasm about delivering Avatar. The growth I experienced on this course has been tremendous. It is hard to remember all my breakthroughs- but enough about me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing the materials and trusting me with them.

Thank you for taking time to come talk to us at the course. Things are looking brighter and brighter everyday!

With Love and Appreciation,

Nori Soaomonian- USA- 2009