Personal Stories & Insights From Avatar Students
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I was supporting another Master who was coaching a student on Transparent Belief.

The student was relating about a situation she had as a child which I could relate to. She was in deep pain an really struggling. My serious appreciation and attention was reaching her but she was not shifting. When I remembered to have gratitude for her doing this work, my connection deepened and shortly after she "woke up" and it was as if sunshine flowed out of her head. It was extraordinarily beautiful.

Thank you Harry.

Pamela Jordan- Australia- 2009

Dear Harry,

I feel absolutely blessed to be working with the team form Venezuela and Brazil. During sharing perspectives at the ReSurfacing weekend I shared the passion, joy and feelings of the students and Masters by using "feel". Not knowing any Spanish was not a handicap. I felt totally connected with their perspectives and have formed many special relaionships with these amazing people with such a vibrant passionate energy.

Without the Avatar tools I would have previously felt isolated without the language connection. What I have experienced here is the magic of pure connection without judgement.

My mind had no opportunity judge or have an opinion. It deepened the connection.

My primary for this course included opening my heart to all possibility and the course has seen this manifest in so many ways.

Thank you. With Love,

Lin Walden- Australia- 2009

This course has been amazing in so many ways from the size and connectedness to how easy it continues to get as the courses grow. It feels like Wizards already and how we could all see an International Course the size of Wizards Course. How amazing it will be!

I had an experience with a student where she didn't want to work with me in the morning ( my appreciation had definitely dropped making sure she would get the results of the exercise). I was able to widen back and not take it personally (huge win for me). Then later she asked me to read one of her debriefs.

Then I had the privilege of doing her first Source List- It was incredible. I saw her awaken and feel the power of the Source List and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.

I love this work and am committed to contribute in any way I can. I recently left my full time job so I can have the time to be on course and create my life in alignment with the mission. I am so excited for the next 21 years of my career.

Thank you for these tools and a mission to be part of to keep me awake!


Anne Moore- USA- 2009

Dear Harry, Avra and Trainer team,

On so many levels, I am in awe of this Avatar Course. I was gifted the opportunity to be in the non-english speaking part of the room(Brazil and South America) at this International Avatar Course. I speak neither language. Never have I felt so welcomed and at home. During sharing perspectives in Portuguese, I did not understand the words; but could feel the meaning. It inspired me to join a spanish Thoughtstorm. It was amazing to feel the corecept when the group aligned. I could feel myself nodding in agreement again without knowing the meaning of the words. It just "felt" right. Aligned.

To all of you, Qualified Masters, Trainers and most especially Harry, Thank you for entrusting me. The connections I have experienced have expanded my heart and passion for this work.

One of the students asked, "How can you tell when I land my Primary?" I told her I could feel her and as she motioned in a circular motion from her heart to mine, she said " We are one."! There are no words......


Karen Kuhn- USA- 2009

This course ruled!! Your aligned team paired me up with an angel of a student for late start ReSurfacing. She was the PERFECT match! She is going to Masters already! My soul sister! Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I am inspired by the consciousnesses that are awakening each moment. The Avatar are so Rad!! Your materials are like a perfect dance.

Love ya!

Alicen Alvstad- USA- 2009