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Thanks Harry,

I am-Yes, I really am. Thank you to you, the Trainers, Qualified Masters and all that you have created to make this possible. I get it now. I know how to be of service. Connect. Let them in and apreciate whatever they do with that.

I am. I am in Love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am ready to do it!!

Mwah!! Love,

Carolyn Sugars- Australia- 2009

Dear Harry,

During the morning drilling, I had a realization that shifted me. It was the feeling of deskinning my body. I discreated an identity. The neat thing was I felt that if I went back to look at it or talk about it, explain it, or describe it, that would be like profaning a moment of enlightenment. A practice of keeping my attention on the primary, moving forward. The past doesn't exist! Yahoooo! My love to you.

Trish Deignan- USA- 2005


After my initiation today I feel more comfortably present in my body than I have in years and years.It seems like I can hardly remember a time when I didn't have body pain but I am comfortable and really in my body. Thank you.

Love to all of you,


B. Jacob- USA- 2009

This is my first internship and it is incredible to see how the students open up during the week and how they can handle their self-sabotaging beliefs and indentities.

For me it has also been an exploration and I was able to integrate a few things myself!

Marjolein Janssen- Netherlands- 2009

Dear Harry,

During this time I experienced for the first time in my life a network of people that, I have discovered, can truly be trusted, relied on and are accountable to the highest level.

Not only did they assist my students to develop with their 100% commitment to our work, but from their hearts they were happy to do it.

I could not believe I could actually allow myself to fully surrender and eliminate any need to control what was going on. To actually feel the feeling of 100% trust in people in the network that I have never even met before is a miracle for me.

Never before have I been able to be part of a network like the Avatar network.

I also comfortably and confidently watched my own personal growth in these areas like I never thought possible.

With love and appreciation,

Steven Burrows- Canada- 2009