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Hi Harry,

I am writing to you on the flight home to Australia after an International Avatar Course in Orlando. I wanted to deliberately bring the feel of you and the course home with me! There are other Avatar's sprinkled right now throughout the plane. Some are connecting right now by the loo! I'm smiling because it is very special!

I integrated so much on this Internship that putting it all into words is, know! I integrated how I was living my life out of resistance to somebody's opinion. I feel like exercise 24 and 25 from ReSurfacing, Exploring Definition and Motivation, have come to life for me. I feel like exploring these exercises often will continue to bring greater awareness to the pockets of my consciousness. In one of Avra's talks I could feel how much I store attention in my "Pockets". I am going home so much more confident in flowing attention out/off of me into the lives of other people to assist in their awakening.

For me on this course I feel like the brakes have been lifted off my "I" and ready for the "We". Thank you Harry for hanging in there to create what has been thus far. The reason we are where we are is because of your attention being on the goal of creating an EPC and the many other beings joining their attention particles with you! Thank you. Love,

Jan Potts- Australia

Hi Harry,

Thank you for paving the way for so much growth, evolvement and enlightenment for this planet. I am in awe still that we are creating an EPC and that it became possible in my lifetime. This is the best life I could imagine because magic really does happen.

I have interned for the fourth time and I want to keep stepping up, up and up. It is so freeing to be in service. Gratitude is the gateway to happiness.

I operated before through a victim/blame identity, but now I know a different way. Care, Compassion and responsibility for self and others is the way I have found. Thank you for this gift Harry. You have helped awaken a planet!

Julie Nott- USA

Dear Harry,

This Internship at the Avatar Course is pure grace. The training we get every morning is a gem! I feel so much gratitude. I feel my heart opening, here, now, thanks to exploring a higher intention. I can feel your intent through the Trainers, Masters and students. A student said to me "So, Harry is an Avatar" and their reverence and awe in this shared moment has been bliss to me.

I noticed I had created enemies of my allies. As you have said in your DVD " The enemy is us"! Now I recognize it and own it, trusting in the power flowed to us. The real world is here now, as is Avatar. Yes! I continue to integrate with gratitude and trust in the materials, which are so multidimensional that I can breathe into them any second and have an awakening! Much love,

Chantal Bernasconi- France

Dear Harry,

I was asked to support another Master's student during this Avatar Course. The reverence I feel for this opportunity to be part of the team is growing. Alignment with others is easy and holding the space for a students success is a gift.

It is amazing to support them in moving their attention back to the tools and support their success in using them, empowering their success and choice to be Source, getting the tools and changing their lives.

I am grateful to give joy, interest, attention, compassion and appreciation in the world and be part of this amazing team creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Nadine Raffelson- USA