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Dear Harry,

My second internship was a very precious experience. My goal was to become more able at controlling my attention and mastering gratitude and appreciation. Some days I could do it well and other days I couldn't. Thanks to working on that situation I was able to handle a huge Transparent Belief.! On the way I realized that I had been more concerned with using the Avatar tools myself than I was with seeing others wake up. At that moment everybody that was truly in service to others looked so bright. I really understood then that was what I want to do. I really appreciate it. What a wonderful tool!

Yuya Yagi- Japan

Dear Harry,

During my internship at the Avatar Course I started to fall into my usual pattern and started to wonder things like "Why am I here?" and "Maybe I have something else to do." Then I had a shift by looking at the Trainers who are always so primary and caring for the students with compassion.

I changed my intention to " I help the Trainers and Qualified Masters". Then I started to enjoy everything I did. Even the little things I did and talking with the students. I'll live deliberately from now on every moment!

Thank you for always giving us such a wonderful gift. Thank you for the gift of life.

Y.S.- Japan

Before interning at the February International Avatar Course, I set my intention for what I wanted to create, experience, and contribute to the course. I intended to be better aligned with the behaviors and attitudes of delivering masters, contribute a high, positive vibration, and be connected and in feel. Toward the end of the week, I realized that I had created everything I intended to create and experience! At the course, I felt empowered to assume responsibility for my growth and learning, and to create in myself those qualities that would best assist others. It surprised even me when I showed up for others, connected, and in feel. It was truly an amazing experience! I am inspired to reach out to more people around me and place my intention into creating students for the next course!

Tracy Robert- USA


This was my first intern experience. I am so full of gratitude, lightness and joy. My student arrived feeling frustrated and unhappy then finished the Course 20 minutes ago feeling the creator of his universe.

And me? I have integrated more through being an intern than any other course. Everything is alright. I don't have to "fix" people, just appreciate their creations. This will help with my teaching and all my connections. One of my Sons, age 32, is here with 2 days to go! He comes here after 10 years of philosophy study both eastern and western. I can feel him lightening, loving and "feeling".

Our whole family is growing and changing toward happiness!

Roslyn Happ- USA