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Dear Harry,

I will bring you the message that creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is going well here in Australia at this International Avatar Course. It is amazing grace. As we were reading some of your inspirational writing to the Master Course, the people were completely still in their chairs. There were Wizards in the room. For some moments after the reading stopped, there was no movement or sound in the room. Avatar is touching people in their hearts. Never before has it been so relaxed and natural to create primaries. They understand!

For me to be here was in every way and level a gift. I was able to be a guardian for a child. Thank you for your kindness. I know more will come as a Master but to be here was a heart-beat-wish! I was touched by Heaven!

Judith Fernandez- Germany

In this third Internship for me, what I have been trying to escape began to resurface. A pattern of my life that I didn't want to face the difficulty of, so I made misaligned efforts. Now I will intend to live in and appreciate the present moment without worrying about what will happen next.  I will have gratitude for the walls which I may hit. I will continue to practice virtue and use the tools to create prosperity. I will deliver the Avatar materials to many people from my heart and that will make them real and happy. I will get better myself! Thank you so much!! With gratitude,

Tomomi Ishikawa- Japan

Dear Harry,
After practicing the Persistent Mass Handling procedure I got a sense of clarity that I made an agreement on (/at another time) level that I would come into form at this time to re-unite with other beings to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. As I look around the course room at the many faces of the many races from all around the world, I get a sense this is the fulfillment of an ancient agreement to be here. There is a master plan working out and it is time for many to make themselves known. Perhaps these are ( or I am) the anchor/s that will hold this beautiful planet together. I am happy to be here! Blessing to you and thank you for showing up!


Dear Harry,

This is my 8th time as a Master at an Internship and I brought no students for Sections II & III. This is my first experience of that and was so humiliating. I joined the course in discouragement. However, this course is the best. I was able to learn so much. I could find many identities. I could start new types of outflow of connection. I learned a powerful connection of Sangha. I learned the importance of all Avatar students. I was able to have a lot lessons fully learned by supporting all the students. Thank you,

Naomi Tsuda- Japan