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Dear Harry,

I've experienced a wonderful first internship. I feel comfortable and in connection with everybody. I had many realizations everyday. I feel like I have made it to why I wanted to do Avatar. I was very happy making connections with people with appreciation. I am happy I could be here when people were awakening.

H.S.- China

Dear Harry,

Since 1997, when I did Avatar in Alaska, buried in ideas and failures I had adopted as mine, my life has turned into a second chance. From the depths of despair, each visit to intern and share these materials has nourished my of life with every need. To say I am happy feels a little strange to me now, because I am not alone and this peace begins with me.

Your friend,

Graham Macdonald- USA


Dear Harry,

I experienced an Internship as a Master for the first time on this Avatar Course. When I felt how the Trainers and Qualified Masters worked behind the scenes to make it all happen, I cannot myself, in any words, express their love for all. I am really happy to be as a team who keep going and holding the intention of gratitude without limit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Junko Minami- Japan


Dear Harry,
Through my intentions and participation in this International course, I experienced tremendous gains in the areas of connection, outflow, and confidence. These shifts are continuing to integrate at home, and I am now experiencing the connection and teamwork at home that I have wanted for four years, but I never showed up to create until now; and it is incredible!

I wrote this to Lori, who has been my Qualified Master for 4 years. I want to share it with you also.

I am amazed!
I am amazed by the joy, happiness, and energy I feel.
I am amazed to feel a sense of personal power, passion and enthusiasm.
I am amazed that I am living what I have wanted to experience for four years.
I am amazed by the power of intention and the primary.
I am amazed...and grateful for every experience I've had this month, and for those that came before,
allowing me this tremendous moment of growth and inspiration.

Thank you for being a part of it and for allowing me to share my successes with you,
and supporting me to share Avatar with others.

Tracy Robert- Albuquerque, NM