Personal Stories & Insights From Avatar Students
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Dear Harry,

I watched during this Avatar Course as a student had an amazing shift. He came to the course with heavy anger towards his deceased Father who had abused him and his older brothers for many years and also driven the Mother and and daughter out of the home. His anger had been increasing for many years and led to his own wife leaving him recently. He had not yet abused his own children, but they had at least felt the arguments and tension.

Releasing Fixed Attention from ReSurfacing on day one lifted a large cloud and Transparent Beliefs on day two the very heavy load. His nieces and children, also here on the course, regarded him in his light, changed self with awe, delight, love and pride. With each exercise, each one, another weight has come off. He began section III before anyone else on the course and was ahead of most on his checklist, which has inspired all his family to work through their resistances and they are all finishing close behind him.

Thank you for discovering the tools of consciousness and for developing this incredible course that invariably creates magic and turns suffering into joy by techniques instead of indoctrination.

Pieter Kark- USA

Dear Harry,

I feel so blessed to be here at my first Internship. I have loved working with the team in awakening new Avatars. I love feeling so connected with so many people and I am grateful. The student I was working with was just announced as the newest Avatar on the planet. Oh my God- My heart is so touched! Thank you!

Joielle Shepard- USA

Thank you Harry for these amazing tools! I have just taken my first student through the Avatar Course. It is such a gift to assist in someone's wakening to being a Source being. I was quite surprised that it even felt better than when I finished my own first Avatar Course! "Swimming into the current" feels good and I really feel alive. Thank you!!!

Jackie Hyland- USA

Hi Harry,

I ventured out of Orlando International Courses and just participated in my first Regional Avatar Course as an Intern Master. Still great Ice Cream, just a different Flavor. It has actually been a profound experience. I have received a lot of attention from the Qualified Masters and my skills have accelerated.

The tools have worked their magic once again. I discovered I wasn't really connecting. This was the clue something big was up. Using the tools this week Transparent Beliefs began to show up. I found all kinds of goofy stuff, physical sensations and deep pains to handle. I created primaries. One was especially profound. I felt like the hard cover of the seed was shedding and the new sprout of "me" was emerging- pure and alive. I love it and am so grateful. Attending the Integrity Course is definitely on my agenda. Thank you so much for the many tools. I got my "minutes worth" out of every minute this week. I fell in love with me! Love and blessings,

Bonnie Bold- USA

Dear Harry,

This is my second Internship and my very first student ever just graduated at this Avatar Course! I hesitated before writing you this because words are simply inadequate to express my gratitude for your gift. Once again I witnessed the awakening of all these precious beings, my friend among them. There is simply nothing else like it! Thank you. P.S. the Trainers and Qualified Masters kick (you know what)!!Love,
Pascale- USA