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Dear Harry,

Wow! Wow! And Wow! Many blessings to you. It's all very interesting what creations we have created together. I'd like to share how grateful I am to be here delivering your materials to others at this Avatar Course. I am so loved being an aspect of this existence.

This week Tuesday my baby cat, Anakin, moved on and I feel so blessed to be here to honor his passing. I will miss him and I am so blessed he chose to move on while I was in service. Much love to you,

Alan Gouvian- USA

Dear Harry,

I am completing my third Internship as a Master today and am marveling at how beautiful the world looks through the eyes and experiences of others. I appreciate having received the gift of Avatar: to be awake, alive and able to appreciate all aspects of life.

Happy Birthday for all the many, many new Avatar births that are happening around the world!

Paul Halverson- USA

Daer Harry,

My gratitude for the Doingness Scale in the Masters Handbook is increasing. I started this course at one level and have moved that a lot. I have realized ways to better support the students. I was doing the steps before and practicing. Something shifted and it has now changed to a beingness. I have felt an opening in my solarplexus during this course. It feels like it is now open and I am connected. My gratitude is growing for all of Avatar.

Nadine Raffelson- USA

Mr. Harry,

God was right when he sent you to this world as the guide of all of us. Your materials are the most productive seeds in the Universe. Thanks. Many thanks. Simply thanks.

One day God found a hole in the heart of a beggar. He filled it up with love. Today your materials filled up the hole in my heart, just like God did with the beggar. Thank you.

Rosa Lopez- Mexico