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Dear Harry,

When I was coaching a student on the a primary List in Section II of the Avatar Course and I coached the student as your student. As I feel all the students are your students, I felt gratitude for being able to coach and I felt light and had fun doing the exercise. When I heard the student say "I want to go to The Master Course" I felt that " Harry's student is going to Masters and is really moving forward in awakening"!

I am going to contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you!!

Takako Hagihara- Japan


Dear Harry and Avra,

I have just returned from interning on the International Avatar Course and have realized at a new level what a gift it is to be able to be truly in service to others, to have my attention on someone else shifts all of my attention off whatever drama might be going on for me and then there is the magic of being part of someone else experiencing new realizations in their life. Thank you so much for sharing these tools with us. Much gratitude. with love,

J Grayson- New Zealand

Thank You Harry,

I have just finished intern as an Avatar Master at the Avatar Course. What a rewarding experience to assist in the delivering of Avatar to new students. It just reinforces that happiness comes with service to others and compassion.

Shane Patrick Mason- Australia

Dear Harry,

The lessons to learn when we are working in service to others and creating an EPC are so great and so touching. The process to grow into service and to decide to empower this mission instead of egoistic and selfish intentions is unbelievably awakening, moment to moment! I am so grateful for being here with you. Love,

Sieglinde Steurman- Germany