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Dear Harry,

I am so in awe of the tools and their power to be life changing....George Thompson took me through a hidden agenda that has haunted me for my entire life. It had to do with abandonment as the resistance and the hidden agenda was along the lines of keeping people's attention trapped by not making it easy for them. I see how this has permeated my life.

I have nothing to fear and I feel there is no longer a need to hide, I have always kept a protective shield up. It is down for good. I know I am never alone ,and no matter what, no one can harm me unless I do something to create it. All I can say is that I feel I have the joy of life back, instead of hanging on to the fear of life, I am home in more ways than physical location.

Yesterday, I drove across the South Grand Island Bridge that was near the accident scene where my dad was killed in a helicopter crash. For the first time in 16 years, I was able to face the bridge, drive across it and not crumble in tears, I actually laughed at the irony, after 16 years the power company took responsibility and marked the wires that caused the accident. I felt pure joy. It has come full circle.

Harry, I feel as though I have my life back. Thank you beyond words...

You have my love and deepest appreciation.

Karen Kuhn

Dear Harry,

My life is different.  I'm reconnecting with people in a whole different way. My friends don’t really know what it is, but they do feel the connection and more, the real me.  I really am understanding what it means to look with “Baby Eyes” !!!

On my way home from Orlando, I had a stop in Las Vegas,which also happens to be where my folks live.  I called my dad and was chatting with him when he shared about some really good friends of theirs that were coming to visit.  I so felt the excitement in his space when he was talking about it, and shared that I could feel his excitement over the phone. He thanked me for that.   It was hard to say good bye to him when I had to leave.  We were more connected than ever!

And I’m so grateful to have been able to play with my buddies.  Karen Kuhn, Joann Woods and Fiona Campbell.  We are all having big wins this week.

Thank you so much for your work, your care and your love. 

This was the most powerful Integrity course for me, ever.  And I am grateful!

Much Love


Hi there! I learned that a real type 4 belief prevents me from sabotaging my goal. I also learned that I had a couple of type 4 beliefs I had to discreate, like, 'I need care', 'I want to be left in peace', I never will inspire people for Avatar', etc. Now, there is space and consciousness to focus on what I really want: To work with others so that they become Happy Tilapi. Piece of cake!