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Dear Harry,


Thank you so much for these amazing tools and the Trainee Support Team. The first couple of days were tough. It's so hard to believe the unkindnesses that we do carelessly or even intentionally.

Somewhere, Monday, I cleared the fog. I have more ahead, but feel alive and part of the Human Race again. I'm grateful for the kindness and compassion and patience everyone has extended to me.

Thanks Harry for the tools that help us own our stuff and continue on the path with strength and conviction.



Dear Harry,

Thank you for the incredible Integrity Course. I just realized that no matter how we were indoctrinated in the past, our heart will give us the right way and the strongest support in accomplishing our highest goal.Thank you for creating the Integrity Course that allows us to connect to our heart and bring the world more love, compassion, and happiness. I don't know how much appreciate I can show in this short note, but thank you! Laughing

Yun-An Cher


OH my gosh! Wow! Integrity amazing!

I saw how I have been attacking men covertly as long as I can remember. The freedom I have now is totally amazing. I feel so much lighter and don't feel the icky garbage I did when I put attention on men. Next...a primary for a relationship. Thank you. I feel so blessed to have the tools to change everything.



Dear Harry,

Thank you for your gift of the beautiful books and card.

I have only just received them, having been in Geelong since mid-december for MEW, 21-day Avatar course (!) and Masters Integrity course ... wow, what you have created is incredible!

I am enjoying sharing with others what is happening throughout the network ... more and more people showing up and creating inner stability in the face of so much instability "out there" ... it is inspiring indeed.

I spent a few days with my parents on the way home from Geelong - they live north of Sydney, many thousands of miles from where I live, they are 79 and 82 and my dad has a degenerative lung disease and is fading physically, so I've been taking extra time to spend with them before or after courses.

We have a very different relationship these days, thanks to this work. Many years ago, my mum told me she was so grateful to Avatar, to you, and to me for doing this work, she said "It brought you back to us." I used to give them such a hard time ... since I've been able to feel, own and integrate my projections, it has been very sweet indeed, for all of us!

My mum told me a while back that when she is praying for all of us (5 kids) she breathes a big sigh of relief when she gets to me ... seeing as I was the one nominated as "the problem child" when we were growing up, that is something!

She also told me recently that "I feel what you do with us" and how it changed things, and I knew she was talking about Serious Drill.

I used to try and get them to use the tools, until I realized I wasn't using the tools with them, ie Serious Drill ... since then I've been much more deliberate in widening back and appreciating, and respecting them, instead of trying to "fix" or change (dominate and control) them. It was like I was trying to get them to do the work for me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you soon, at the biggest and best ever Wizards course!!

With love and gratitude,