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It's such a relief to be honest to yourself and to others and to be able to feel that you are alive, instead of being reminded by your mind every day that you are in 'pain' and thinking: Is this life???

What a relief. What an insight.

Now I can feel connected, trusting, and faithful towards the future. I didn't know that life could be this effortless! I can't wait to lead other people towards this way of living or to their path.

An honest thank you from the bottom of my belly. Thank you Harry & Avra.

Love, Willemijn Kaasjager

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the beautiful and powerful materials and the support from the trainers and the team.

I'm so grateful to discover the archetypes that were determining my life until now. Finally, everything falls in place.

I have much more free attention and awareness, more real and live in feel.

In gratitude with love,

Dear Harry,

I want to thank you for the great Avatar tools and the helpful work with the SE Trainers--the loving support when it was hard to move forward.

Great "thank you" to John Pasqualetti who helped me when I was in a creation. In spite of language differences, he gave help and lovingly support.

Also a big thank you to Mike who helped at the course. Thank you for this wonderful present of which I am now part of.


Dear Harry,
Thank you for this more than wonderful course. I am grateful to you, and to myself, for this chance and possibility to integrate without punishment, with safety, and with appreciation.

I'm sad to leave this space, but be sure I've connected with you and I look forward to Wizards 2010.