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Dear Harry,
I recently went through a very painful and difficult experience. It was such a gift to have these tools to help me get through it without needing to create any additional pain or suffering for myself or others and without needing to create a victim identity.

I have a newfound and profound respect and admiration for how powerful and life-altering these tools are.

Many thanks,
Theresa Jeannette-Palermo

Dear Harry,

I'm in the middle of Round 3 and it feels like life times have fallen away so I can really be here now, in this lifetime. What a joy!

Much love and appreciation,
Blair Jacob

Dear Harry,

That I don't need to create misery for myself and others any more, is the most liberating experience. No resistance.
Just choosing what I prefer. Free. Thank you.

Radi Shafie

Hi Harry,

I had a huge upset this morning with the bank. I felt totally helpless, powerless and steam-rolled by an immutable object. Then I felt angry!

I took it through the self deception signals and discovered....I get upset to get revenge. Wow! Choice opportunity alert!! Thanks Harry.

Love, Fiona Campbell

P.S. After, I had a beautiful caring connection with the bank, with the result that I'm sending her info on AVATAR!!, and she's looking forward to receiving it.