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Dear Harry,

This is my fourth Integrity Course but I feel this is the most magical one! I come with the intention to integrate, so when I help students and support them, the space is sincere and clean. This is only day four, but my result is huge! I own my bad intention and my pretenses and I feel I can be so much more sincere to work with students and I can carry Harry's intention out and share it with others. This is such grace in my life.

And because of my ownership, my relationship with my family will improve so much helping to resolve old conflicts. The sense of EPC spreading from my family into the world-lt's just the best!!

Thank you and much love.
Pai Lin Carol Wang

Dear Harry,
I recently went through a very painful and difficult experience. It was such a gift to have these tools to help me get through it without needing to create any additional pain or suffering for myself or others and without needing to create a victim identity.

I have a newfound and profound respect and admiration for how powerful and life-altering these tools are.

Many thanks,
Theresa Jeannette-Palermo

Dear Harry,

I'm in the middle of Round 3 and it feels like life times have fallen away so I can really be here now, in this lifetime. What a joy!

Much love and appreciation,
Blair Jacob

Dear Harry,

That I don't need to create misery for myself and others any more, is the most liberating experience. No resistance.
Just choosing what I prefer. Free. Thank you.

Radi Shafie