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Hi Harry,

Thank you for an extra extraordinary integrity course. The secrets work was incredible and such a gift to be part of.

Our course starts in Sydney today and everything feels great with the new space our team has created. The student registrations just keep rolling in!
I feel blessed to be part of the sanga.

Thank you for showing up for us all.


Dear Harry,

Today is a round on sabotage self to sabotage others. I could clearly see two identities: I act out in the relationship with my husband that cause totally different experiences.

The interesting part for me was that it made me see that I totally forget belief and experience within one identity while being in the other.

I often wondered (when confronted with the consequences) how I could be so stupid to forget and overlook and from that, blame him. And now I see that I create these situations, conflicts and confusion from two different identities so I can be and stay on course.

It feels so freeing to see it is mine and not his.


Dear Harry,

On this Integrity Course, I learned about "receptibility" for the material and that helped me to see what I'm doing.

Finding secrets became easier and more interesting! I feel I''m out of the indoctrination of finding and sharing secrets.

I'm so excited again to create more source being.

Toshiko Kamada

Dear Harry,

I am just doing archetypes around staying stuck instead of increasing receptivity and I'm amazed.

My archetypes for desire being independent and not answerable to anyone is someone who lives on their own, chooses when to listen to others, can come and go as they like, overcomes difficulties is my grandmother who raised her family alone after her husband died and who was deaf!

And my archetype for having time out for me, is someone who is cared for, can hang out in bed as much as they like and has everyone running after them is my other grandmother who was bedridden with arthritis and appeared to get lots of care and attention. WOW!

Thank you for the opportunity to introspect with such incredible tools.

Much love,
Suzanne Zammit