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Thank you for creating the amazing Integrity Course.  It is brilliant.  I have begun to understand that I create an amazing person in every moment with the choices I make, supported by realizations I have had on this course.
Eckhardt Tolle says "just allow it."  This course helps me see how much stuff I put in the way of allowing what I decide.  No mas!
Thanks, Harry.
Nancy Magaret

Dear Harry,
Thank you very much for creating Avatar and Integrity Course.  Thanks to your tool I could change my blueprint in my consciousness and my life and my contribution to creating EPC.  Also, I could evolve toward the goal of creating EPC.  I will increase my contribution for creating EPC and do whatever it takes.  I will make the most of this chance to make difference for the future of this planet.  I will use my rest of life to create an EPC and integrate.
Thank you very much.
With love,
Naoshi Agawa

Dear Harry,
In the last day of Integrity Course, I saw you standing there, with a lot of Masters around, and in the end, you said, May you be well.
Thank you, for you.  I've no word to describe my gratitude, and for Avatar and all the trainers.  In this moment, I can really feel your love and intention for us.  And I'll deliver this intention, and follow your teaching to work in my life and inspire other.
Love and many hugs and gratitude,
Mulan (Chao, Tzu-Hsuan)

OMG, there are others!!
That is my biggest win, Harry. And a new reference point - the Higher Self.
I feel I was born again.