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I have been looking for reasons that can assure me I can stay here. Now I know that I don't need any reasons or justifications. I am so grateful for the opportunity to realize this. Thank you for all. Thank you for guiding me through. It is my great pleasure for me if I can support my dearest family members and friends so that they can appreciate themselves. Thank you again!!

Yukari Takahashi

Dear Harry,

I woke up this morning feeling very calm, and at the same time excited about the job ahead. Feeling ready and grateful for this opportunity for awakening consciousness on this planet. And grateful for being with the group of people that I was always looking for.


Hi Harry!

When I was one year old, my parents divorced. My grandparents took care of me after that. When I was 6, my parents got married again. I've been strongly believing I'm "real victim". Real one. One day in course, I realized that the reason they try to get back to family again was me! And I started feeling grandma's love, mom's love, family's love. That was big gift.

Thank you very much, Harry. I'm so lucky to meet Avatar. I had been pretending, attacking, and so many more things, using being "victim". Now I can see what I've done to the world. I have tools, I have Avatar friends, which is nothing afraid of.

I promise you that I put this gratitude to the world.

Michiko Nakamoto

Dear Harry,

What an amazing week! It is such a gift to be able to free-up so much attention. I realized that I have been holding, stealing and abusing power all over the place. I had the pretense of "helping" as a perfect smokescreen for disempowering. I am so grateful to have a mission to align with, rather than to keep controlling people. Avra also empowered me to use my intention to win and be successful for an EPC, rather than pretend to shut it down! So I am flowing all of this juice to empower students who are ready to awaken to the International Course in July.