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Dear Lori,

It's now Monday,the 20th,and today was my first day back at work. I had all
kinds of fun playing with integrating the lessons of the Professional course
into my existence at work.I had a marked increase in my ability to create
rapport with people,and a marked increase in my ability to enjoy and to
appreciate the originations offered by others,just as they were. I felt
refreshingly free of any impulse to express counter-opinions,even when
they shared viewpoints which were quite contrary to my own.I just enjoyed
the moment with them,and went on to the next thing. Another neat thing I
discovered was that I've been using the Serious Drill while dreaming.Wow!
So anyhow,I'd appreciate it if you could send me the dates for any
upcoming Resurfacing workshops. I look forward to taking part! Thanks
again for all your support and encouragement!
Talk to you again soon.

Dear Harry and Avra,
I appreciate so much the materials you gave all the love and trust and us that we now are able to integrate our transgressions and to really connect with people.

I had today my trust initiation given from my heart.

Thanks for the time and patience you gave me.

S. L.

Dear Harry,

Feels like fear is a boundary on its own. There is nothing behind it.
The last few days I did some actions with connection I normally don't do. Feel the resistance, feel through it for a moment and then do it. That moment the fear disappears, and I have a wonderful and warm connection.
So steering into the wind and see what happens. Life is fun.
Thanks as always.

Dear Harry,

During field trip I found that I only go to a certain level.  After getting rid of the comfort zone issues, I hit a layer of darker stuff where I realized I use people, keep them dependent on me, and punish them.  Not nice, but as I write it down, my pain tells me that's what I really do.  This hurts—but it is good.  Good to feel through it. Good to know that now I can handle it.