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Lao Tzu said "As you go and go and go, you'll know and as you do and do and do, you'll realize!

And I see that means " keep going to the courses and you'll know and keep doing the exercises, the 'tech', then you'll realize!

It is really a powerful 'Tech'! Hew! Thank you!

Shin Ji Won- Korea- 2009

To Harry,

I realize that not taking responsibility for money is a deal with cultural archetype. Under patricentric culture, I made a deal! Bread for obeying and taking humiliation. If things didn't go my way I would use it to attack my Father, Father-in-law and husband.

I saw lots of my dramas and I feel a momentum to switch the direction of my power. I thought I was a victim, but with great drama. Really I was an offender who destroyed everyone.

I am so lucky to attend this course. As Shona said " We are so lucky."

Thank you,

K.M.Y- 2009

Dear Harry,

This is my first Integrtity Course and the best course ever, the most powerful course ever.

I realized that the reason why I couldn't have a real connection with others was because I was dishonest with others, shutting myself down in order to serve only myself, getting benefit from others and only hearing the things I wanted to hear.

Now I can contribute to an EPC having more connection with others fulfilling my life goal of helping others to awaken.

I am grateful for everything and I bless myself also to grow and decide further. I feel more faith and relief in Harry's tools. I send gratitude to every being and to you Harry.

Park Young- 2009

Dear Harry,
Harry, I always feel your love in the course.
I felt I became more source as I took one more step in every course, but this Integrity Course was the best that allowed me to see how I had lived, was living and going to live my life confronting myself. I felt the power, love, and the preciousness of the Avatar network, trainers and fellow masters, again. I'll live my life as awakened source being, loving myself, manifesting primaries.
Thank you very, very much.
-love, Michelle(Yoo Ji Young)