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Hi Harry,

I know where to start. So much has happened this week. Integration, ownership and realizations. I really want to express my gratitude for all your hard work. The DVD "make the Best of What Happens Next" really touches me. When you talk about giving up, trim tabs and making a difference I always start to cry. It touches me so deeply. I want to make a deeper commitment to this goal. Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I will not falter. I will not fail. Wow! That's the perspective and attitude. May you always have peace and happiness. Thank you so much!

Glen Pier- USA

This work is so important. I have disregarded everyone's feelings, I was harsh and cruel, insensitive and cold. I was, and my feelings were most important. I have suffered and experienced in my life everything that I was blaming others of. I denounced responsibility for my own beliefs. I didn't want to know them, let alone experience them.

It is so much nicer to have compassion and genuine care for other human beings. What a noble way to live your life! Now, I don't even have to think about myself. My concern is my beliefs, and how to take responsibility to manage them, so I don't project them onto the world and people around. That feels much better.

I was punishing myself so far and other people suffered. Thank you Harry, you deserve the best, you deserve all the kindness and care and gratitude you have given to the world.

What a great family Avatar is.

This time, truly, well done. You are the example.
Thank you a million times.

Zoran Subic- Australia


Thank you for making this course. I could feel the real love for humanity from this course. I learned a lot form the trainers attitude. They were full on devoted to the Masters and they appreciated being given chances to help us. I'll integrate my attitude that I'm giving and not being given to by my friends and colleague Masters.

Thank you Harry for sending us amazing models for honesty and integrity and commitment. I decided I will do gentle action to those people that talk badly about Avatar. I will do field trips to inspire others.

On my last day of integrity I know this was my best course and I know my next one will be another best one!

Thank you for your primary to make sangha's (families) for this planet. I'm on that primary too!

Lim Gib Sil- 2009

From this Integrity Course I recognized I ignore others. I was not interested in others when I had something to do.

I thought I was a great and good person and very nice to others. So I was a little shocked to see this. I felt something was wrong. Now I accept that as my own creation. I'll work for the mission now and take care of others.

And I truly respect Harry. You are working very sincerely for an Enlightened Planatary Civilization. With a kind heart.

Thank you for awakening me I really appreciate you for helping me have such a really good experience.

Kim Joung In- Korea- 2009