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Hi Harry,
What a wild day! Wowie! Bottom line? I gotta tell more people about this stuff man! Life, despie the unknowns now seems like an adventure worthwhile fearlessly throwing myself into.

I've been to some very secret places within myself this week and it all seemed pretty dark and murky in there, but what I know now, having had the experience at the integrity course of "the-light-streaming-in" is this: the Avatar tools can handle every human condition and transgression imaginable! I want to let the world know. This is very good news!
It is my primary that everywhere I go I flow Avatar and people say "That's what I need!" and they do whatever it takes to get on a course now.
With infinite love and gratitude for what you and Avra are doing for the universe. Harry, thank you!

K.S.- New Zealand


Dear Harry,

Well..this Integrity Course has opened up for me my dream. I am now a full time professional Avatar Master. This is the life I have been looking for and now I can be this in the world. I want to thank you for craeting all that you have and whatever it takes I am right here with you.

May humanity and beyond be happy and well,

Cherie Turner- USA


I had the privilege of working with some of the new Masters today doing drilling and the Source List. I was so inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement. Statements of how Avatar has already changed their lives and how appreciative they are having these tools. It is a great reminder for me that there are people out there waiting- seeking- wanting to find a new paradigm. One that works for them and will help change the world.

I have found so many ways that I have sabotaged myself and those around me this week of Integrity.. I am surprised, even though I know I have been creating it, at how much subterfuge I have employed to be able to do what I have been doing and not be responsible for it! This is my third Integrity Course and each time I find more ( and better hidden) patterns that I run to keep my self importance and self righteousness.

Thank you for caring about humanity and us as individuals to create these materials! With Love and respect,

Jeannette LaFontaine- USA

Dear Harry,

Wow! Doing Integrity as an advanced intern. What a privilege to work closely with Avra. I have had some amazing insights about my real intentions regarding power and alignment with the mission. Thank you to you and Avra for being so determined and for creating such an example of determination for us to aspire to. Your unwavering stability is such a foundation for us all.

I feel very privileged to do this work with these awesome tools, amongst this wonderful sangha. Thank you and I look forward to contributing more and more as I become more aligned with the mission of creating an EPC.

Lots of love and appreciation,

Bruce McGregor- USA