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Dear Harry,

I have say this to you; Your Avatar materials are incredibly good!!! I know you knew, but I still would like to thank you again. Even though I have done the Wizard course, some areas I was still not ready to change.

Today I re-did your ReSurfacing exercises, #24 and #25, Exploring Definition and Motivation. I have gotten lots of insights and decided to deliberately define "I". Guess what? I feel so much freedom to decide who I want to be and what experience that I want to be exploring. I am totally empowered by this exercise!
So interesting exploring our consciousness!! My goodness, what an experience! Sorry, I have no words to describe this experience. But Thank you deeply! love,
Julie Tu- Australia

Dear Harry,

Thank you! I have been stretching and pushing the boundaries of my limitations. I have been trusting and receiving the most lovely support from my Qualified Master and my Master partner to create my primaries.

I redid my Personality Profile from the ReSurfacing Course and what stood out was my " I can't do it" attitude. I used the tools to discreate this and later as I was doing the housework I had a spontaneous primary of " I Can Do it!!" I called some interested in Avatar; she came to ReSurfacing and she loves the tools and the mission of Avatar. Her unfoldment began and she signed up to do the International Avatar Course in Orlando with Avra. I did It!! What a joy to see it through to the benefit of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you so much,

Julie Nott- Australia


Dear Harry,

It is indescribable what happens on this Avatar Course! A wonderful success I would like to share with you; a student of mine was born with neurodermatitis and now has had his major success! He has lived his life in pain, depression, loneliness and closure. Today the miracles started happening.

As he did the exercise beginning Section II, he came into feeling and his energy changed completely. I was so touched. I was so happy for him that he now had a chance for happiness. Then he moved into the Creation exercises and he was like a changed person. As he worked with different partners his inner walls crumbled. He stood up blooming and hugged a few people in the room! I never saw him like that.

I personally was never as touched as this and felt so much joy and compassion in this moment. It is a miracle. My trust in the Avatar tools is 1000%! I send my love, gratitude and appreciation,

Francesco Tranquillo- Germany


Hello Harry,

I am printing all the online lessons. I read Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing about 10 yrs ago. I was released from the prison of thinking others created for me. Going through chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), I kept taking noncredit correspondence courses and experienced them as life changing. I also explored religion and was always running to some kind of control organization for safety/acceptance.

Avatar is the purest form of logic in saving a person's identity. I e-mail the mini-courses to friends occasionally. I am going through another identity crisis now as a widow with an unemployed son and son-in-law. After 49 yrs of marriage, suddenly I have to find my identity again. Thanks Harry Palmer and Avatar for being there,

Juanita M. Stuart- USA