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Dear Avra, Harry and Miken,

I want to acknowledge your selfless service to others in contributing to creating a better world through using the Avatar tools and empowering others to keep stretching and making this world a better place. The level of personal responsibility goes beyond any spiritual pretense and is genuine care and commitment. I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this network and it's mission. Thank you for your vision and action.

With much love and gratitude
Lin Walden


You said you were interested in the effect of Avatar on my life, and the Masters Course.

It's hard to know how to begin, or where, but here I am, right in the middle of it all, right where I've always been, immersed in my own still waters.

I was searching for the right meaning in life, to understand life. I studied every religion I could think of, visited every church. Buddhistic concepts came closest, other eastern religions resonated at times. I started to meet people who had interesting life theories they expounded on. When reading Power of Now the tears ran down my cheeks in gratefulness and relief that the connectedness I had always felt to every living thing, even structures and the bones of the earth were not just mine alone, and as they should be.

I was introduced to Scientology and read a lot, and the ideas appealed but it was not user friendly, too complicated and too dry. But I loved reading Minshull's books on personal application. I met a man who gently discussed and listened to my ideas on how all these things fit together.

I told him I wanted to lose the me everybody else thought I was and see what was left. To lose all description, all identities ascribed to me by others. To become as close to no-thing as I could get. I had put my house up for sale and was planning on moving, looking for a new job. I had no idea what I would find, but the search was impelling and I didn't know how to go about it, nothing I was reading felt exactly right.

He said it reminded him of a seminar he once took, that there was a website with a book I might be interested in reading. He gave me the website. We argued about something else and I deleted everything he had sent me. But we have kept in touch, and a year later I asked him for the website again.

When I read Living Deliberately there were tears and laughter and aha moments, a waterfall of emotions followed by clearing blue sky. I read it in one sitting, the first of many readings.

I drove him crazy with questions and discussions, it's all I wanted to talk about, and he was the only one listening. He laughed and said he thought I was ready and that he would call Patti.

That was January of this year. I stopped looking over my shoulder for life to catch me by surprise. With Dick and Patti's help I started to move forward in all directions at once, it was like my world was exploding. A sense of wonder filled me, and I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Avatar was like no other experience in this existence. I felt as if I was bonding with the universe like a new mother with her babe. All the chaos I had introduced into my life the year before gave way to deliberate decisions containing my life's goals.

Things started happening Harry. I'd been looking for a different job for months without success. I quit and found a job I love the next day.

That was in April. This is a week after Masters and I'm still having revelations, realizations, sudden understanding of all that came before, especially upon waking, with vivid memories of vivid dreams. Most importantly, the knowledge that I created those realities. There are no words to describe this feeling.

Avatar was like falling into a welcome pool of warm water. Masters taught me to swim. I can't wait for Pro Course and Wizards Harry, I'm ready to fly.

I made tons of primarys, and discreated tons of beliefs...and a few identities. As a nurse my great empathy and intuition worked very much in my favor. But I fell into people and felt trapped by their sadness, their emptiness. I've learned to control that by admiring their creation. I've realized my speech pattern is riddled with beliefs, and it fascinates me to observe this in others.

I discovered a persistent mass and that I was out of integrity. The knee that has been hurting for 18 months that surgery didn't fix is now pain free. Thank you Harry.

Another persistent mass gave way and the tears that floated me through Avatar and the first few days of Masters as unknown secondarys ceased. Five years of crying from a 20 year old decision are finally over. Thank you very much indeed Harry.

A primary was made that my son become an Avatar. He's a new teacher in an alternative school and is greatly challenged. Since my return from Masters he's not only downloaded the material from the site he's interested a coworker and 2 of his friends. He wants me to intro his fellow teachers. I'm going to let Patti do this one. I met a lot of teachers with the same idea on course and got their email addresses for him, and he has been in contact with one.

In all honesty, Harry, my main reason to come to Masters started out to meet you and ask why you hadn't yet found a way to present this to underprivileged children. When I took the Avatar course I thought first, all through the course, and last, how these techniques would have changed my life as an abused child. There are so many difficult childhoods being created. Then I realized, it was their teachers who needed to teach them your gentle ways.

I wanted to feel your energy, what the man who put all this into play resonated. I thought I might feel strength, determination, pride, all kinds of strong things....

What I felt was your smile, and your quiet joy within. And it felt exactly right. Thank you Harry. I am so pleased to know you.

I like your words Harry. Write another book. Please.

And the Avatar who gave me the website? He's going to Masters next year.

See you at Wizards!

Sandy Weisser

Dear Harry,

It¹s when students awaken on course and when I myself use the tools that I realize, as if anew, how insightful and powerful they really are.

Late this winter I began to get episodes of squeezing pain in both upper arms and shortness of breath, as if atypical angina. As I was leaving Santa Fe the morning after the spring course finished, I had three or four bouts of this, getting closer and more severe each time. With the last bout, on the bus to Albuquerque and the airport, I had a sense of impending doom and realized I was probably having crescendo angina that was progressing to a heart attack. There wasn¹t much else to do I did the attack handle in my head and felt much better once it was done.

When I arrive home in the Bay area, I contacted my doctor. He, too, couldn¹t think of much else but angina or a heart attack and arranged for a cardiologist to evaluate me. I was proud to do well on the treadmill part of the stress test, but the thallium scan with it showed evidence of damage heart attack at the apex of the heart, low down in the chest. A couple of weeks later I had a CT scan of the arteries in the heart. This showed that one artery, the right coronary, was constricted near its start by 60% to 80% -- that is, there was only 20% to 40% of the normal flow. That artery supplies the area the thallium scan showed was damaged.

They scheduled a true, invasive, catheter angiogram which was to be followed on the table by angioplasty blowing up the damaged area with a balloon on the catheter and placement of a metal stent to keep the artery open. That in turn would mean three years of strong blood thinners. Needless to say I didn¹t like the idea but realized it was necessary.

I managed to postpone the catheter study until this past Monday, after the International Course and the San Diego Cooperative. I¹ve spent virtually every night since the CT study doing the Body Handle and following it with a primary that my heart is healthy.

Monday, I had the catheter study. The cardiologist was astounded, and my wife and I were delighted, that each of the blood vessels of the heart was entirely clean no blockage or hardening of any of the arteries.

You can imagine the sense I have of a new lease on life, and the new creativity with that area of fixed attention freed up. Thank you so much for these tools.



(Pieter Kark, MD
Mountain View, CA)


Hi guys,

Processing another student the other night at our monthly New York wizards processing night, I felt a strong desire to reach out to you and just say:

After all these years, Avatar ROCKS!

You know, the last few weeks some wizard friends and I have been committing to waking up extra early to do primaries over the phone... and I'm telling you... it makes such a huge difference... I know that you know that I know that we all know of all the benefits... but sometimes we forget... its like, you can know it, and then you actually DO it and then you KNOW it.

You know?


In any case, truth is, if you actually do this, practice using the tools on a consistent basis, you not only coast through your day/life feeling super pumped and primary, but I have noticed that when I look in the mirror its like years have fallen from my face! And I know this is ridiculously redundant for someone who has been in the network for so long to be telling you this because it is so obvious to us ... but you know what, I just figured why not tell you again anyway....

The beauty of it is that it still works after all these years! you know what I mean by this? It is one thing to get these kind of enthusiastic fan letters about Avatar from baby Avatars or new masters or whatever. I know we receive a lot of them. which is great. But to continue to have great results from it years and years later... there is something very profound and powerful in that...

You guys know me. If it's out there, I've jumped in and tried it, read it, practiced it, drank it, eaten it, swallowed it, inhaled it, embraced it, researched it, thrown my arms around it, etc etc ad nauseum... probably a lot like Harry in that respect. I'm just super curious about consciousness-shaping.... and I have to humbly and passionately report to you as a now 38 year old man (as opposed to the 25 year old boy I was when we all first met in this lifetime) these processes are still the absolute best most effective out there on the planet today... and trust me, I've looked... and there's some great stuff out there... but there is something inherently fucking brilliant in the Avatar words, tools, and processes that we simply cannot find anywhere else.

As a fellow explorer it just makes me want to walk up to both of you and slap you on the back with a big smile and say "Do you have any fucking idea how freaking great this stuff is?!"

I swore to Nahal this morning on the phone "listen, there is no need for me to email them about this because they already know all this stuff..." but she persisted that indeed you all may still enjoy receiving these letters... So here is another one for ya!

Anyway, as always to both of you, so much love and gratitude and encouragement your way from me... thank you thank you.

I hope all is better than well. Please keep up the great work and know that regardless of whether we are out there in our lives doing our own things and you might not see us for a while, many of us are still big supporters and friends to you two.

Ed Hale