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Dear Harry,

A note from Australia to thank you for your inspirational book - "Living Deliberately" !

I am in the very early stages of connecting with the Avatar network - and I'm looking forward to attending an Avatar Gathering in 2008.

After purchasing an Avatar Power Pack from the inspiring, wise and wonderful Virginia Reid (Newcastle, Australia) - I sat down to read about the discovery and development of Avatar.

By Chapter 10 I felt my world moving and changing - I was nodding and laughing and experiencing profound shifts, deep feelings and connections - and I was only half way through the book ! What a journey, what a story !

No surprise to you, I'm sure.

I found myself reading each page with "deliberation" and each day I made a real and moving connection to the insights contained on each page.

The vision of the float tank with the typewriter on top brought tears to my eyes and I found myself chuckling ! I am a great fan of the float tank experience and I just loved the eccentricity and sheer brilliance of the
idea and the process. And your description of Avra's reaction to the removal of the cherry dining table !

Thanks so much for sharing that experience !

At that stage (only a week ago ) I hadn't even visited your website or viewed a podcast - and I was connected !

Virginia encouraged me to email you at this early stage as she thought you might enjoy this information !

I have now finished the book and am taking deep, happy breaths and the world has taken on a new feel. I'm looking forward to the wonders of the "Resurfacing" experience and will be putting my seatbelt on to enjoy the next ride !

Thanks for your insight, persistence, wisdom and courage in following your true path - leading to such wonderful changes in the life of so many others.

With much appreciation and warm regards,

Catherine Connelly

Dear Harry,

I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated and enjoyed your talk at the Pro Course last week. Apparently, my 12 year old step-son enjoyed it too. As soon as we returned from Orlando, Kammer had a visit from Aunt Shirley. He unpacked his suit case and put everything away. He cleaned out a corner of his bedroom that has been housing an assortment of unused items for almost a year. And, he created a special drawer space for all of his Avatar materials. With a smile on his face and a swish of his hands he said, "That felt good"!

Thank you Harry once again, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing with us. The talks, the courses, the tools, the books, the DVD's, the trainers, the Q.M.s, the Masters - it's all amazing!!!

Love and buckets of gratitude,


Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for your loving guidance and the exquisite tools of avatar. I am so happy to be back on my path, to be healthy and able to share with all, my Love and what I have learned. You are awesome. I feel deep appreciation and awe for your work. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve others and realize my goals.

I started Avatar in February, Masters in March, M.E.W. In May, Pro Course in October. My (pregnant) daughter, Anneke, was on course in June, and her partner, Chris joins us on Saturday. With great pleasure I inspire more students to my second internship later this week. With amazement, appreciation and understanding, I widen back to allow others space to realize themselves. What an awesome way to be able to teach and work and dance towards world peace.

This has always been my path, but now the way is clear and I know how to deal with any obstacles that come up, easily. Wow! After my partner's death in 2004 and my own death experience in 2005, I was barely able to walk steadily or speak clearly on a consistent basis, focusing on pain, suffering, fear and death. Falling down, forgetting, worrying, and stuttering were daily obstacles.

Now, I am focused on living and playing every day, embracing my path to world peace and happiness for all. The big change came during February's Avatar Course.

Thank you so much!

Thanks to Avra and the trainers too, and to all the Masters and students. So happy to be a part of the Avatar network, smiling and dancing, learning and Teaching, giving love and spaciousness on my way to Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

You are amazing.

In love and appreciation,
Michelle beach, Avatar Master


Dear Harry and Avra,

"Everything flows...eventually" and eventually is here, now, continually. By confusing fixed attention and/or biased attention with focused and free attention, I have blocked the flow of what is most important to me; contributing to the creation of an EPC in service to others/ Awakening. This has been transparent and, since Integrity Course, I have become aware, through grace and appreciation and connection with you and the materials and our amazing Sangha, of my patterns and beliefs that have created this and I have an experiential clarity of surrender and steering my ship. When attention flows freely, everything flows.

The enclosed is from a new student who looked at the EPC website, felt his alignment, called me and did ReSurfacing last weekend. He has now inspired two others to do ReSurfacing and that is happening this weekend. I am humble. His next goal is doing Part II and III at the International Course in Oct.

Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude,
Helen Baumgartner


Dear Helen,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel so alive, words really can't describe what I'm feeling right now. You have opened my eyes to so much that I can't ever turn back. Tell Maurice thank you for me, there was something about his presence, being there at lunch, that added to my awakening. Let me know what weekends you have open, I want to get started on the mini courses as soon as possible! I'm very excited about my future, with Avatar and personally. Now I get the messages that people write on the Avatar site and in the Journal...HAHAHAHA This is only the beginning so it's hard for me to even imagine that there is more but I know there is... The splinter in my mind, so to speak, has turned into a 2 by 4. I want more, I have to follow this path...THANK YOU!