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Thank you for passing this along to Harry.


My name is Paul Thompson and I am in the current Masters Course and it feels so good to be back in the space of appreciation, love , kindness and transforming our world.

Catharina, a sweet member of my table tribe is being kind enough to forward this message to you.

I saw you today observing our Chi Guong (sp?) group today when you dropped off Avra,,.....come in and join us if you have 15 minutes to breathe and move consciously.

The DVD today really stirred something in me and my mission to support the world community in finding the place of honor and respect inside ourselves and our respective countries to take bold action on the issue of CO2 in our atmosphere (read the "Love Letter to Harry" that I am sending to you tomorrow for more details) but the bottom line is this.

According to Dr. James Hansen NASA's leading Goddard Institute Earth scientist, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is 385 ppm (parts per million) and rising.

The safe maximum level for keeping the Earth reasonably like we know it is 350 ppm.

Dr. Hanson says that we can lower this number with dramatic actions of conservation, putting a moratorium on new coal burning plants (leading emitter of CO2 and Mercury into the air) and moving swiftly towards renewable sources to power our economy....100 % in 10 years.

Please take a quick look at <> founded by author ("The End of Nature", "Deep Economy") , educator and naturalist Bill McKibben who is motivating tens of thousands of college students, business, and ordinary people to take extraordinary measures to reach these goals and to create un-thought of solutions to the environmental disasters/ opportunities left by our unconscious use of resources and lack of recent leadership.

I would like to connect you with Dr. Hansen and Bill McKibben (copied here) with the goal of sharing the Avatar tools and technology for personal and planetary transformation...with a focus on bringing world attention to the upcoming Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in December of 2009 where the Kyoto Protocol will be re-written.

If the leaders of the world and the top scientists and thinkers on how to resolve this crisis were given the Avatar tools, I feel the acceleration needed to fully address this issue would be realized and a looming disaster unlike anything we've seen or predicted will be averted.

Bill and Jim, I'm hoping that you are aware of Harry Palmer and the Avatar training but if not please visit <>

I am currently enrolled in the Avatar Masters course near Orlando FL with over 500 students from 20 countries.....120 from Holland, maybe 150 from Japan, all over Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.....the network is growing quickly and after a lifetime of searching for the keys to health, happiness and compassion...this is as good as it gets.

I intend that this communication create a breakthrough in Global Cooling.

Let me know what I can do.

with deep respect and honor to be of service,


Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for the grace of these amazing tools and the precious connection with the Avatar Sangha.

I want to thank you by sharing a recent experience.

Last year my sister and 4 kids lost their home and moved in with my 84 year old Mom who still works 4 days a week to support herself and my sister's family. Everybody, especially my mom has been stressed to the max with no long term solution in sight. I've wanted to find a way to support my family and deliver Avatar,but I had shut out a lot of what was happening and justified it right and left. In my heart of hearts I knew by sharing Avatar with them, they could create being Source instead of perpetuating a lifelong pattern of dysfunction. I saw the situation as an attention vortex and avoided responsibility. When I really let myself feel the pain, I knew I had to go visit them in Southern California to see what I could do, see Mom for Mother's Day and assess situation they've been in the thick of.

Trish is my AI daily call buddy and lives in So Cal near my Mom. We aligned to do ReSurfacing together while in Cal and to invite family, my Mom's work friends, neighbors etc. Many secondaries came up ...the sudden death of my Mom's dear friend, a corporate takeover at the clinic where she works, conflicts in schedule, obstacles right and left.

The day before we had no students for ReSurfacing, but some action toward Masters and Introductions. After handling secrets around not creating students for the course (thank you to John P and thank you Harry for the Wizards tools) we had enough free attention to put our attention back on doing something Good!

My Mom and another sister, Becky, have done ReSurfacing and wanted my sister Joanne to do some training. She agreed.

When it came time to do the Attention and Will minicourses with Joanne, she "crashed" instead and slept for the next few days. It was the perfect time to take my Mom through the mini-course. It helped so much to release the fixed attention she had on what was happening with Joanne, and made me very happy to be able to support her. What a great Mother's day gift!She had been so discouraged I saw her brighten up and take responsibility for her part in the lifelong creation with my sister. The heavy cloud lifted...we were both able to find humor in the comings and goings of the beliefs and reactions. Afterward we were able to do some very real heart to heart thoughtstorming on options that would be helpful.

The next day was amazing. Trish and I started at 7 am by meeting strangers and giving them flyers for Avatar on the beach, then an intro in Laguna Beach at Trish's house, followed by an inspiration with an Avatar and next a Forgiveness option with a new Avatar to assist her in moving forward to Masters...while Trish finished working with her I drove to Mom's to set up for our next intro. It was amazing sharing these wonderful tools and the realizations, and empowerment with my nieces, 12 and 15, my mom and a neighborhood friend. At 10 pm Trish and I debriefed in her car in front of the house where I grew up and we smiled from ear to ear.

Amanda the 15 year old discovered a transparent belief about her worrying about her mother and fear of being homeless, Jacquie got to take responsibility for her ongoing irritation with her younger sister, and my Mom discovered a belief that it was always up to her to be responsible for my sister. Each one decided on a type 4 belief that would be helpful.

We did our transparent belief exploring as a group and each one gave the other a big "high 5" when they found their belief. Our neighbor, Juanita made a big breakthrough on her declining health and has hope and understanding. Amanda said "Everyone in school needs to take Avatar, there is so much negativity...and it would help so much."

The whole house lit up and smiles and laughter returned for the first time in a long time. No one was bothered or discouraged...just happy to be!

Good things kept happening. We decided on Mother's Day to make a type four belief about the day, especially about our big family gathering, which is so often filled with tension and angst...The belief the group decided on was that "everyone was happy, healthy and wise and we enjoy each other." For the first time in as long a time as I can remember everyone cared, connected, and enjoyed each other's company. So much judgment and animosity that had been palpable seemed to have fallen away. Everyone felt loved and appreciated. With my large and diverse family this was truly miraculous.

My brother was open (for the first time) to hear about Avatar and I left him with a Living Deliberately book. My sister Joanne went out of her way to connect and be kind to every one...shifted by osmosis through her children and her Mother's belief work. The next day the kids created beliefs about their school day and reported back...success. And Juanita was grateful and wanted to share Avatar info with her granddaughter and daughter-in-law. Her son, Tim, magically appeared just as I was walking across the street to give her a journal and flyer to pass along to him for his wife and daughter. We hadn't seen each other in 30 years! My sister Joanne was open to be supported in getting some help for her health.

With the grace of the Avatar tools I was able to appreciate some intensely challenging situations that would have formerly sent me running back home. With the grace of the tools and the team Trish and I stretched, integrating Avatar family, and genetic family, healing what separates us and putting attention on creating an EPC where everybody wins. I am so grateful for the tools, the team, the growth, the insights and the gift of being able to offer something of such value that makes a real difference in the face of life challenges.

Thank you for the minicourses, a great starting place for creating a brighter future for my family, for all of step Avatar, Masters and Wizards.

Thank you for creating big in the world and for helping so many of us in so many aspects of life.
With deep Love,
Linda Waters

Dear mr. Palmer,
I want to share an idea that came into my mind while I was attending the Avatar course. It was the last day of the course and I already had an exciting and very agreeable course behind me. My Master was teaching me the last exercises and while I was doing the 'Mass Consciousness Handling' exercise I suddenly got this idea that I want to share with you.

The (speculative) exercise about handling Mass Consiousness is about to influence what happens in the world (or rather how it happens). I had to think on the Thoughtstorm exercise as well. What would happen if all Avatars round the world would apply this Mass Consiousness exercise at the same time at the same topic? Rather than having lots of individuals doing the exercise scattered in time and concentration it would be interesting to organise a world-wide experiment.

The steps to do this could be the following:
1) Agree on a topic to be addressed in the Mass Consiousness. The way to do this would be to organise a (virtual) Thoughtstorm in order to get to a point where we all agree that it is worthwhile doing it. This could be facilitated by your Website.
2) Agree on a date and (exact) time to perform the exercise. One advantage could be to organise it in all the trainings around the world that take place at the same moment. Furthermore all individual Avatars need to be made aware of this experiment (via their Masters, your newsletter, etc.) so that they can contribute as well.
3) The experiment could be supported further by making use of the Web. It can be facilitated by modern techniques (f.i. WebEx or groupware, Skype).
4) Conduct the experiment and share the experiences afterwards.

I hope I have shared with you an idea to proceed on the marvelous Avatar materials.
Hope to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Hi, last week I forwarded the "Avatar Times" to about 275 people from my email contacts list ... almost immediately I received a call from a fellow in Atlanta whom I haven't connected with for about 5 years ... I had thought he wasn't so interested in staying connected and as it turns out, he had thought the same about me!! So now we are back in touch, and I have a primary to inspire him to do the course.

The day after I sent the email, I ran into a prospect who has been interested but too busy to make it to an Intro - she is a full-time working single mum. She told me she had just printed off the Avatar Times and was wondering if I'd be available to come and talk to her work colleagues about Avatar. Of course I said yes.

I just received a call from one of her colleagues saying they had both been online and read the Journal, and asking if I could come in one lunchtime and talk to any interested staff. They work for an Aboriginal Health Organisation. She is going to email me possible dates and wants me to email a flyer for them to circulate to staff. I'm going to align with Shona on the flyer and a suitable program.

Thank you so much for this wonderful outflow tool. These really ARE the Avatar Times!!

Love Lizzy

"What is our real work on this planet? It is to make ourselves more aware, to remind ourselves that our essential nature is non-violent, and to increase the amount of compassion and co-operation on the planet." - Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® materials