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Dear Avra, Harry and Miken,

I want to acknowledge your selfless service to others in contributing to creating a better world through using the Avatar tools and empowering others to keep stretching and making this world a better place. The level of personal responsibility goes beyond any spiritual pretense and is genuine care and commitment. I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this network and it's mission. Thank you for your vision and action.

With much love and gratitude
Lin Walden


Hi Harry,
What wonderful days are enfolding....Avatar has totally unlocking my heart/soul. There is no being of consciousness that doesn't begin to breathe, begin to dance joyfully with life, come ALIVE, realize the sweetest aspect of self as source being with the grace of Avatar! Avatar is the perfect companion in every path of life. I am so grateful to you, Harry! And to the network of many dedicated masters and Stars Edge team. I am an ordinary person with extraordinary gifts to offer everyone I meet. Thank you, thank you....this is a huge blessing in my life....and as part of the "responsible, out of control, wild women, with hearts full of grace, we connect with and inspire everyone one we meet to reach for their stars! It's happening, Harry. People are calling and wanting this "juice" , "gratitude", "appreciation", and a way to help the planet. Amazing...totally amazing!

Happy weekend, Harry!
One of many grateful masters...
Dear Harry and all,

Thought this would put a big smile on your face....Father Terry told me yesterday that he is very happy we're offering the Belief Management mini for people considering joing the Catholic church. He told me that he really appreciates this process for examining one's own beliefs that is not connected to any church. He also said, "Don't let anything get in the way of your relationship with God, including the (Catholic) church." We both smiled. I shared with him, "Can you imagine the viewpoint of Avatar coming into a Catholic church to do the belief management?" we both smiled big! Thank you all so much for helping this becoming a reality.

While the wizards are creating more clear space in mass consciouness, a small gathering of people will be awakening to their higher selves in Minnesota.

Sending you much love and appreciation, and inspiring all of us to shoot for the stars!

Dear Harry,

I have just had the most amazing day and wanted to share a big win with you. Yesterday I was in an identity of "there's too much to do" and not really getting a lot done but spending a long time doing it and often making mistakes. Kathy Thorngren suggested I use the PI to work through this and use the exercise acting as aware will during my day. I got rid of my identity and then I created the primary "I do it all". Today was the do it all day! I have done so much but still feel energized at 8pm and I'm just doing more. The universe worked with me...the parking place was right there where I wanted it to be, the assistants in the store helped me find everything I needed, the idea for the last Christmas present just popped into my head effortlessly and the clock just seemed to slow down so that all of these tasks and more were done in the present and I enjoyed each one. I've even spoken to prospects about Avatar and enjoyed the conversations rather than them being another item on the to do list.

Thank-you Harry for the wonderful tools and a great support network that is there when we need it!