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The program, the people and the experience is one that all should undertake that can only add value to self and mankind.

Bernard Caldwell- USA

Dear Harry, Avra and Star's Edge team,

It has been  a year exactly since I started with Avatar in exactly this same place in the Netherlands. Now I have been to Masters, The Professional Course and Wizards. I have done two full internships and two ReSurfacing internships with 10 students.

That really incredible. I would not have believed that such a great adventure could happen to me if you would have told me a year ago. It is a great miracle that alignment to this great endeavour to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization brings out the best of great powers and clears out the worst ugly parts!

I feel empowered to be me and to be source more and more. And the enjoyment of life is back! Thank you.

Ruud Van Middelaar- Netherlands

Dear Harry,
Thank you for creating the Avatar materials. I have not been the same since I discovered that the depth of experience I wanted in life was possible. I am no longer numb to what I can learn, feel and create in my life. Before Avatar, I felt unnoticed and unimportant. I was asleep in mundane repetition. At my first Avatar course, I received so much attention, I woke up to being a person. I experienced myself with the support of warm, caring masters.

At my Master's course, I discovered that other adults were people, too. As someone who has worked with children most of my life, adults were accessories to the scenery. It surprised me to learn that adults were interesting. They had stories and feelings and thoughts like my own. They had skills and gifts to share. Although I still work with children, the Avatar Master course was the beginning of my being able to work with adults and to see them as people who are not unlike myself.

My recent lessons and observations include feeling other people and the impression they make on me. I can feel what is helpful and what is not helpful, and learn from what I am experiencing. The masters who work with me and support my Avatar path are very much a part of the way I feel and experience Avatar. Thank you for growing a team of trainers and QMs to model and lead by example the highest purpose and practice of Avatar. I have learned so much from their commitment to service and integrity. I have learned why it is important to have a non-intrusive, supportive presense. Sometimes the best impression is a safe space. Thank you for providing a place for these brilliant lights to shine in our world.

And thank you for sharing these tools with mere mortals so that anyone with an open heart, and a willingness to feel, learn, and grow can be in service and contribute something to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization in their own unique way.

Tracy Robert
New Mexico, USA

I have been experiencing that the sales of my shop dropped down before this course. I created a primary that " I'll create one million Yen before the August Course". Then I could make the money again! I realized how great the power of a primary was. I'm happy to feel really that just deciding is doing good. I'm grateful for Harry creating these Avatar tools.

Yoshiko Satou- Japan