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Hi Harry,

I came to The Master Course with the intent to get my family communicating again. There are 6 kids and Mum, a history of hurts and betrayal. I have one Brother who stopped talking to me 18 months ago and I have had no idea why.

Last night, after only day three of Masters, my Brother made contact by requesting me as a contact on SKYPE. It's a small start but it was also the biggest hurdle! Thank you for these tools!!!


Dear Harry,

After I met Avatar I created the primary that I will marry a partner who I can be what I am with. It is moving forward. Thank to Harry's tools I may have met the person. Thank you so much! I'll keep using the tools and make my primary come true.

M. K.- Toyohashi City, Aichi, Japan

Prior to the Avatar Course I felt like a victim of circumstances and I had a pattern of reacting to the external world, especially with people who are close to me. I wanted to blame others for my life, even God.

This week I had an incredible experience working with two Masters, one was a Wizard. I was creating a primary around my caring about what people think of me. It was very emotional and I used many of the tools and exercises of Section II and III to handle what came up. I came to a realization that I want to love myself unconditionally. That is my new primary and I have integrated my concerns about what others think of me.

When I spoke with my spouse everything had shifted. She was interested in hearing about my experiences at Avatar. She was happy for me and for the changes in my life. She reiterated that she saw after the International Avatar Course that I took responsibility for my life, my choices and no longer behaved like a victim. It was so joyful to see that I did create a shift in my experience with my spouse!

Terry Rosato- USA

First I want to say that I am so thankful for Avatar and its existence. My gratitude cannot be translated into words. It is such a wonderful feeling!

I started with my ReSurfacing Course weekend and at the end I decided to go one wth part II and part III. It was my birthday and it really felt like a rebirth! The biggest present I have or ever could give myself. Now I am reborn. I am so thankful Avatar helped open my eyes and the shields around me are gone! Just a few seconds ago I was walking on a path in the garden and I said to myself " I can create anything I want. I can create an airplane in the sky for example". I really felt there was an airplane and in the few seconds there was the sound of an airplane!! This was such a great feeling. I laughed hard and out loud! Wow!

Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I ( who started part II yesterday) were going out to eat something here in the neighborhood. We couldn't find anything for about 10 minutes. Then I said "Oh, I really want to eat in a nice little pizzeria". Two minutes more driving and "Poof" there was a really nice little pizzeria! I have never eaten in a pizzeria in Holland and I have never seen one in surroundings like this in such a small town!

So thank you Harry for everything you have created! Now I can create my life and contribute to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization! Everyone has to experience this! Thank you. Lots of love,

Sabine Aarts- Holland