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All my life I have been seeking inner clarity, to know and understand my truth. I have read MANY books, listened to many awesome speakers and attended workshops and attempted to practice what I learnt but still there seemed a void within a space, an emptiness and loneliness. I had an intellectual understanding that God is Love and there were times that I definitely felt that in my heart but always I seemed to loose it and have to search for it again. I read that we lived in a Field of Infinite Energy and that we could create whatever we desired but I could not hold any belief long enough for it to fully create. I was definitely a discouraged seeker and I had become a loner. I loved people and wanted to be with them but needed many hours of alone time to rejuvenate and stabilize myself so I could interact again.

There were many aspects of my life that were not how I wanted them to be. My marriage relationship was on its way 'out the window'; I loved my husband and wanted to be with him but could not understand why we could not seem to get really close. I was creating poverty, there was much ill health in my large family, and I did not have employment that was satisfying.

I was ready to give up. Then, by pure chance, synchronicity, I met an Avatar master at a market in Emundi, Queensland.  She offered me the free introduction to Avatar, I thought 'Why not, what can I loose?'  We explored the poverty creation and immediately I could see that my beliefs were creating my experience. It took a little more coaching before I was willing to be vulnerable enough to truly get in and explore my beliefs. What a relief, though, when I did.  What a relief to realize that the biggest block to my progress was a lot of evidence I had collected about fear and failure and the discouragement kept me from trying again.  I began to clear out some stuff out of my mental closet that was no longer serving me and to install and sustain some beliefs about what I really wanted to be experiencing.

That was over 2 years ago.  What has changed, pretty much everything.  My relationship with my husband is entirely different; I am developing a gentle and compassionate relationship with my children and parents. I have friends all over the world who appreciate who I am and I am able to truly appreciate them.  I am much more relaxed and appreciative of life, I have been able to take the stillness that I experienced alone and deliberately create it whenever I want to.  I realized there was no separation between what I experienced as God's Love and myself and allowed myself to feel Love whenever and wherever, not just when I thought I deserved it. I wake with gratitude and hope in my heart. I have work that is satisfying and inspiring and is contributing to a better world. I experientially realize I am Source of my reality, my experience and from that space I can choose what I would like to experience and use the tools to create it.

When discouragement shows its head, I use encouragement to dissolve it.

In short the Avatar tools have more than given me back my life, they have connected me with a space within me where I create my own answers and connect with all life in a celebration of life that will just keep growing and expanding forever.

Judy Grayson




I would like to share with you my joy and sincere appreciation in learning the Avatar ways.

Every day the processes that I learned from attending your seminars are used and appreciated. My life is better than I thought it could be in spite of the extremely difficult financial times I am experiencing in this economy. The tools I use to create peace, happiness and spiritual fulfilment always seem to amaze me even though I have been using them for years now.

This weekend, I spent time at my brother's condo on Cocoa Beach, Florida and utilized the Ultimate, Ultimate Process several times (I use it often) and I could not have been in a more peaceful, loving, grateful state of being. Sunrise on the beach with this process is incredible!

Thank you for the mailings and DVDs. It is great to see the bright and shiny faces and it reminds me of the fantastic times I had in the seminars. It also reminds me that I will be reviewing some of the seminars in the future. Some of the most incredible experiences of my life, some virtually indescribable, were spent at Avatar.

Many thanks, much appreciation and even more gratitude I give to you.


Dean Nelson

Dear Harry, Avra and the team,

I am at an Avatar Course, for the first time, with my first student, my Son. He is labeled by psychiatric people as having PDD- NOS- ADHD (autism related). It is day nine of the course now and he is at the end of part two. The flower is opening up. Avatar is integrating and will never leave again. My son goes on and talks about the Master Course already. The road is a bit longer, but we trust 100% in the materials and keep going with compassion. As this flower is completely opened he will attract new Avatars as well. We feel it and are sure it will happen! Lots of love,

H.B.- Holland

Hi Harry,

I am more than happy about doing Avatar. I feel really awake(ned) now.

Happiness is not a possibility, it is real. I now understand: I am more intelligent than my mind. My movements are secure, precise and without any doubt. The feeling of guilt is nonsense. I am the only one who knows what is good for me. I decide to throw away my self-restictions. I can feel, do and undo everything i want.

Hugo died. Hugo was born. To be happy and love is my decision. Thank you for taking all the risks and helping us to take our risks to explore.