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 Dear Harry,

 Wow! I had a great experience with the Compassion Exercise and Universe Handling exercise from Section III, Avatar. I did this with a women who was in pain and her partner was very ill and lay in the intensive station of a hospital. I don't know this women very well and her partner I never saw before. It was amazing what I can feel about this couple and also about myself. This was the first time I felt this exercise. It was a amazing experience! Thank you very much for the tools. I appreciate you Avra and all the bodhisattvas. Love,

 Ursula Weder- Basel Switzerland

Dear Harry,

I did the Avatar Course and the Master Course this year. The Master Course, in only nine days, was very special course for connecting with many people, beyond words, by using the tools we learned and working them together.

There were just 20 Japanese there. It was so much fun for me, so I reviewed Masters. The second course was in Korea. I met a man there and we got married last month. If I didn't do Avatar none of this would have happened.

Avatar couples are easy. Sometimes we fight, but we can recognize that "everything is my creation". And we can work anytime using the tools. When I come home tired, I feel peaceful by his welcoming. I stand in wonder, in this situation that I could never have imagined ever. I am so happy. I hope to become even happier and also to make others happy. Thank you very much!!

Hitomi Sasano- Japan


Hi Harry,

This morning I got a Transparent Belief about self-doubt. It is " I use self-doubt to cover my guilt around my Mom's death". A powerful clearing in my being happened as I explored ways I've used self-doubt to sabotage and attack self and others. Avatar has filled me with the most valuable experiences I've had in a long time. Thanks for creating it all. Many thanks, much love, Namaste'.


I was surprised that I could discreate negative impressions and feelings completely using these tools. I am gratefully satisfied using these tools daily. I am a Doctor. Sometimes people were surprised that a doctor takes part in this course. At the same time it pleased them. I will increase the Doctors of Avatar!

Chiyama Takehiko- Japan