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Dearest Harry,

One of the Trainers (John) helped me to look in my past for abandonment by a person that was very close(he must have read my diary). I shared when I was 11 and in love for the first time, I spent maybe just two weeks totally in love with this blue-eyed kid. I would ride 10KM my bike to see him. he then, with no reason, said it was over and started hanging out with a blonde..( Can't trust those....).

I found that I had created a hidden agenda in all my relationships after that experience which really kept me from feeling. Whenever a part of me felt I was going to do it again possibly, I would disconnect, go into my head and start criticising and taking myself down.

I repeated this pattern for years and years in all kinds of relationships and I am so grateful to have found it! Yaiiii! New life! Thank you! Love,

Neela Falconer- Canada

Dear Harry,

I feel like Scrooge on the day after Christmas day! I just realized yesterday what a miserly stingy so and so I was hoarding power and myself. I was dehumanizing others so I could justify this and blame! I feel so transformed and my primary now is that I boldly and bravely flow power, love and kindness. Thank you for this network and this amazing Sangha. With deepest love,

Linda Dean- USA


Dear Harry and Avra,

I want to thank you for creating the Avatar tools. They work! I am having a great time integrating the information and the parts of me I have abandoned. It is great to discover I am not all the things I thought I was, I'm happy to discover that underneath of all this " little old-body woman" is a little girl who wants to live, enjoy life and help as much as she can.

I am having a great time discovering and letting myself be myself. I'm so happy to know that I don't have to carry anymore the heavy or mature or " be somebody else" identities to accomplish what I want. Thank you very much and I love you too!



I don't know how to describe what I'm feeling. I am feeling right here, now and integrated with myself. I'd like to make a better future from here. My goal is to create world peace!! I'd like to live lighter like a dolphin, sending good vibrations and light around the world.This was a fun and long trip. I want to continue this deep trip from my heart!

mari Arai- Japan