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Dear Harry,

This morning while creating primaries with Avra I was overcome with the grace of it all. The grace of the materials and the training to be in service with the materials. The fortune of being able to work with the materials and all of the fabulous people. This is just the best job ever and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible. 20 years ago I left Masters and was anticipating going to the first Wizards. I just had no idea of what would be created in 20 years. What you have done with your team is incredible..I am so grateful to be included and have the opportunity to assist others to come.

Love, Beth Edwards

Since I got interested in the universe and consciousness I sarted to dig "the rabbit hole" and ask myself a lot of questions. What's the truth? What's the devil? What's good? What's liberty? What's life? What's evolution? What's consciousness? What's spirit? And so on....

So I started a trip looking for knowledge, useful knowlege, to contribute somehow to peace. And one day, I don't know how, I found the Avatar Course. One thing I can say afer becoming an Avatar is that I feel I lot more better than I did before! I also feel a little bit smarter! I'll continue my trip. Thank you.

Y.F.- Japan

Dear Harry,

It never seems that I take the time to say thank you for all the blessings and grace that are in my life because
of you and your materials. At the end of every course I see people writing success notes to you and I
tell myself to do the same but I don't follow through. I am sorry for that and I am working to change it.

I just watched The Path to Personal Responsibility and I am reeling with all the data input. I feel my "I don't know"
regarding responsibility and leadership and I feel excited to create my subjective reality by choosing new beliefs that
are in service to creating an epc instead of being loyal to some old indoctrination from someone else's blueprint.

I really have given a lot of power to some brick walls. Harry these three new talks are the best Christmas present and
the best guides to bringing in my Wizard prospects. Thank you for everything - thank you for the wonderful Blue Ray DVD
player that lets me see these DVDs anywhere, anytime. I'm bringing 45 to Wizards 2010!!

Love and blessings to you,

Hi Harry,

It's really incredible to be doing this work. I'm having insights into the nature of consciousness and how incredible it is that each of us attracts our own experiences, that we can all interact through these experiences, that each of us is unique and that each experience is exactly what we are attracting to ourselves through our consciousness! Pretty incredible that we can all be here sharing this experience and be learning about consciousness! Thanks for making it possible to have these incredible experiences and realizations! I look forward to continuing the journey with you. Much love,

Nisha Duncan- USA