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Everything I'm working on seems to go back to how I feel and what I believe about myself. I can see how so many things I've done have perpetuated the problem instead of solving it. The only thing that works is the Avatar tools. It is really sweet to be able to feel where I am at, and to validate to myself that I am feeling through the exercises. I have been doing more CHP and PI/CHP exercises. I like to be quiet and feel what is there. It is an experience in appreciating my own uniqueness and creating success with each exercise.

Tracy Robert- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Harry and Avra,

I've just spent a couple of days doing mini-courses (Attention & Will) and I'm feeling really positive. I've been suffering lately with a progressing experience of brain cancer. It's considered fatal and I've been beginning to believe it as I've been having ongoing tumor growth and difficulty with talking/reading and cognitive ability. I was beginning to feel like a victim and felt like there was nothing I could do.

Even a couple of days doing mini-courses has given me the confidence to decide I am still source of my life. Maybe I do still have a tumor in my brain, but it doesn't have to make me miserable- I'm alive and I can choose to love and appreciate my life. Also my ability to write and talk has improved- I would have never been able to write this note last week! What a reminder of beliefs and expectations. life situation is still not ideal and unless something changes this tumor in my brain will probably kill me- fairly soon. But I feel willing to experience this reality with interest and courage. Thanks for all the help I have received through the years. Kia Ora,

David Elliot- New Zealand


I have been always timid and weak considering myself a victim and I have never been happy. Meeting The Avatar Course happened to be the beginning of a new life. It is a very bright and happy future!

L.G.J.- Korea

Wow... I'm feeling some resistances sharing a success-Love note, but it's only because I want you to feel my appreciation and have what I wrote be the most profound thing even... when really... all I can say now... is...

It starts with a trickle ... wow Harry... I love it... and it so does!!

Loving you, loving you... appreciating this amazing co-creation...

Thank you for pioneering and taking the steps for all of us to pave the way for an EPC...

Love always,
Veronica Carnero