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Hi everybody!

In the last months I finished the Avatar, Master & Wizard course! With some challenges, sometimes Mount Everests, but I finished! :)

It's unbelieveble what all happened in these last months! While at the first course in Egmond I cried a lot, was "ill" and really not self-confidant. After the Master Course I stayed on my own in the USA and I did it all by myself. And next week I'll go back to the USA for 2 weeks more and after that I'll go for a few months to New Zealand! :)

But what this is all about is that I never could have imagined that I could do this all and in this way! So much things have happened in this short time.. Wanda in America. Wanda in New Zealand. Wanda smiles. Wanda makes more and stonger connections with others. Wanda does what she wants. Wanda lives! :)

I can create this now by myself. But first I got really great help to learn how I can do this! Sometimes I had really strong beliefs that 'this isn't gonna work for me', but than I got new feedback and help every time! Also when I had a complete 'Mount Everest' on my way, I get help to learn that you also can drive through the tunnel and that it isn't necessary to hike in the mountains. Now I've the tools to follow my new (mountain) path and that I still can create a great life!

Dear people, thank you very much for the change that you gave me to learn to create another life! Thank you for your help! And I'll see you on another Avatar Course! :)


PS Harry good job! Great that you followed and follow your feeling and created this course!
Trainers and QM's also thanks for all the good work!! ;)

Dear Harry,

Through many internships I have learned a lot and my life has also changed a lot. Thank you deeply. I learned a lot from the Qualified Masters, Trainers and by being in action. I decided to move from persistant identity living, considering only myself, into service for others. I thank every being for allowing me to fully experience life. And I thank the Qualified Masters and Trainers for quiding me in the right direction with patience and compassion no matter what I did. Seeing them in action the child in me grew much, much more. Thank you!

Park Young-Ran

I felt the expansion of my consciousness through this course. I have learned how a Transparent belief acts on my reality and something that was impossible turns out to open a new possibility. I feel my ability to stop responding and start putting attention on people actually can make everything possible. I feel that taking others suffering as mine, as in Harry's DVD "Stay Awake and Relax" is actually doing feel-its and experiencing it. Wanting my happiness to be others is actually flowing appreciation and gratitude like we learn at the Avatar Masters Course.

I feel that people and I are becoming happy through these tools. Thank you and many thanks to Harry.

Pae Jung Yun

Hi Harry,
I did an assumed and projected on beggars recently, as they'd evoked a reaction in me. It has been awesome, taken all the charge away and allowed me to feel what's there in the moment.

Yesterday along the street I was walking along and noticed a very large man sitting down, looking dull, holding a cardboard sign. I reacted, he looked gross, then thought of giving him the energy bar I had in my bag. Realised that could be weird, as it was spirulina-packed, and remembered a bag of mixed nuts I'd bought in order to break a $50. I turned back and gave him the nuts.
He looked up in gratitude and said thanks. It was a moment of absolute connection and beauty. I felt I'd been with a buddha.

Incredible- an opportunity I could have missed and never known for life-times. Thank you.

Much love,