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Dear Harry,

At the last International Avatar Course in Orlando I decided to attend all the courses this year and the next. I realized I have been using various identities to "not decide" to "not do" through the zone of " It is not my responsibility". I have also created other identities to keep myself a victim and make others wrong. I would like to finish this life choosing my life rather than never changing.

This course is great and I am feeling gratitude for experiencing a lot of people awakening. Harry thank you for letting us all know about Avatar. I will tell many people about Avatar and I will contribute to creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Thank you,

Kaori Shimatani- Japan

Dear Harry,

I have completed the full cycle of all the Avatar Courses over the past year and experienced many amazing things about myself, others and the world. It was really brought home to me when recently I found myself in an old pattern. Discouraged, I had retreated for a bit of "cave action" where I isolate myself and lick my wounds. Previously my wife, who has also done the cycle of courses, would struggle to support me, without bringing her own stuff into my space. This always had the effect of me retreating even further or lashing out. This time as "the black dog" got me and I retreated into the bath, my wife came in and using tools from the Master Course truly appreciated me. I downloaded my discouragement, I voiced my fears and frustrations. She lovingly held the space and appreciated me. I shifted and felt great. Looking at her I felt so happy that we know we have this gift for each other. I looked at her and realized how good she felt to have grown enough to be able to see me suffer and trust enough to be able to hold the space for me. I acknowledged her for her support and we are happy. Thank you,

Paul Redman-Brown- Australia

Hi Harry,

Picture this scene. A person is in some sort of a crisis. So they call 911. Within minutes they are connected to a licensed Avatar Master to do the Releasing Fixed Attention exercise with them. It can happen. You never know. Staying in type four beliefs, with much love and gratitude,

John Toomey- Australia

Dear Harry,

I want to share this story with you. I was caring for my 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old Granddaughters. We were at their home and they were busy exploring. I realized I had not seen Madeline, the 2 1/2 year old in a period of time. I called her and got no response. I called her again and she stepped from behind the door in full view, with beautiful baby eyes, and said in her strong voice " Grandma, I am right here!" I had a flood of emotion as I said "Yes, you are." I went over and hugged her. In that moment when she responded "Grandma, I am right here.", I actually felt the presence of the devine. I totally got what a Source being making that primary felt like. This was one of the most profound moments in my life. Much love to you,

Veronica LaChapelle- USA