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Dear Harry,

This morning on course while doing one of the exercises I felt how blessed I am and that my life has been full of grace and still is. I have lived my life and living my life in such grace. Thank you for giving me the chance to awaken me to the grace of my life.

Also it is getting more fun and easy to use the tools everyday. It is so fun and powerful to feel that I really create it all right now right here. Thank you very much. I'll enjoy this grace of life you have allowed me to feel by giving us these tools, by allowing us to share them and by growing our awareness even more by sharing Avatar with others through the Avatar Courses.

Kim Soo Jung

Dear Harry,

I have been a Licensed Avatar Master many years and have never really written a success story.  After a few forced, "pay attention to me efforts"  I decided to let it go and keep showing up no matter what.  I knew that there was some belief I hadn't taken responsibility for  keeping me from celebrating my success and fully supporting yours. I knew that it would happen and I truly didn't care when.  I always know is worth whatever it took. I am grateful to sincerely celebrate my success with the intention that you feel my gratitude and love.Thank  you Harry, I love you dearly,

Patte Martin-USA

Dear Harry,

Thank you for these precious sacred Avatar tools. Thank you for all the encouragement and for never giving up! Love,

Nancy Lester-USA

Dear Harry,

I had the most incredible realization about a situation I have been experiencing with a friend trying to get to a course, His sister putting him off about getting there and the resistance it has all caused. I thought my charge was around the conversation between the two but quickly realized it wasn't about her at all. I was angry and disappointed in him and myself for not handling what came up for us. With him for not following through with his intention to create success for himself and myself for not empowering him to do that. I realized I have been missing oppportunites to empower people by turning things that show up into problems rather than golden opportunities to integrate another aspect of life. So many opportunities I have been missing to inspire people! Wow! I also can really feel that it is my job to keep pushing people and not back off so they will stay awake! I finally understand this on a more than intellectual level. I can really feel it and I am excited to get out there and start "pushing" for humanity! Bring it on! Hoorah! Lots of love, all my love,

Nisha Duncan