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I feel wonderful I am able to contribute to the happiness of others and the universe. I am really happy to connect with this sangha taking action to make a better world. Thank you,

Shinobu Kawai- Japan

The birth of my new grandson was amazing. Soon after, the new baby smell, the gorgeous smell of milk and baby, something to treasure. I have been especially blessed with my first grandchild, planning to spend his first 6 months in my home, as his parents are building a new home. My house is wall to ceiling with furniture, clothes and admittedly junk from all of us put into one small house. Once upon a time, this amount of mess or confusion would have unhinged me. Now, everything feels magnificent and not because I am (a little) older or wiser but because I have control over what I feel.

I awoke at 4.00am this morning with my daughter feeding her new son, Morgan, and two hours later she was still wrestling with him to settle him back to sleep. I grabbed the opportunity to help out. My daughter went back to bed, I grabbed Morgan, jumped into the rocking chair, put his tiny tummy close to me so he could feel relief from his tummy pain. Pure magic. How wonderful is it to cuddle a baby and feel no tension or anxiety.

Twenty-one years ago it was a different story when my daughter was a baby. The nights were cold, full of tension for when she might get back to sleep. Only 2 years ago I was a nervous person, still full of anxiety, stress and worry for anything and everything. Had this anxious person held her new grandson, she would have gone into panic after any excessive crying.

All of this changed after I did the first Avatar Course. The exercises allow me to totally take control and be responsible for what I experience. The old me would have seen getting up at 6.00am to my grandson a tiring, trying experience. The new grammy (grandma who deserves the grammy award) deliberately chose to enjoy the moment and loved every bit of it. I don't have to bury the feelings I don't like, waiting for them to rumble up at an unexpected moment, the Avatar tools have taught me how to wipe them out and how to attract joyous moments everyday.

Margaret Henry- Australia

Dear Harry,

I recently delivered the Avatar Course in Sydney and I think that this course has changed my life forever. We have a 12 and a half year old son who as a young child was the most incredibly sensitive and beautiful person that you would ever meet , look into his eyes and he would melt your heart. He was vulnerable and an incredible soul. As a pre-teen , however, we had noticed many changes in him which manifested themselves as the development of anger and attitude. What had happened ? Most people would just write this off to adolescence. Totally normal they would say. This didn't feel right to me. Seemed like just accepting someone else's answer.

My son has done The Avatar course and he absolutely loved it , taking him through the course was the most amazing week that we have had together. My wife and I are Avatar Masters and Wizards and we love our kids more than anything but we were out of alignment with each other, not really connected and having lots of frustration and arguments that was having a very undesirable effect on our children.

One day during the Sydney course I took my son into the course room and one of the Avatar Trainers asked me what had my wife and I been doing to him ? She could feel the anger hardening within him. Why were we not taking responsibility ? I love the Trainers with their incredible kindness and guardian hearts, they just tell it like it is. I immediately felt what I was previously unable to feel. The conflict in our house , disconnection and misalignment had been magnified and was showing up in his consciousness. I just knew it. He had been such a kind , soft and caring soul and whilst he was not what you would consider an angry person , anger had been developing and hardening within him.

To the outside world we were good parents, we were doing all of the right things in running him to sports and friends. We even had perfected the "happy face" and "its all good" and "no problem here". What self-deception! We were not showing up for him. I looked at my son and cried tears of shame about my own lack of responsibility. This was probably the worst that I ever felt. When I spoke to my wife about what had happened she also immediately knew and at that point, together,  we both felt the shame for what we had done. From this place, however, we were able take responsibility and really show up for him.

My son and I were already registered to go to The Masters Course in April in Australia but in his heart he wanted to go to the next Masters course in the US. There way no way he would let himself feel that because he did not want to create conflict between my wife and I. We were witnessing the beginning of the shut down of of inspiration, it felt like a documentary where you see in slow motion the sequence of events that would eventually lead him to not letting himself feel what might be possible in his life and move into the calculation game.

Even if I had asked him to come with me to the US he would have said no. The only way that it would be possible to keep his inspiration awake was for my wife and I to be completely aligned in consciousness then he would feel it. We both knew what we had to do and we did it and he immediately got very excited about going to US to do The Masters Course , and well here we are in Altamonte Springs , Orlando, Florida along with a whole table full of Australian and New Zealand kids . It is very inspiring to be here.

How do we thank you ?

The only way that I know is to continue to work had at awakening the people on the planet using the incredible Avatar tools. More Avatars , Masters and Wizards = more Kindness , Care and Compassion in the world. I do this work full-time and I love it.

Lots of Love
Peter Felice- Australia

Dear Harry,

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and commitment to humanity. Without people like you this planet would be doomed. Your tools are like magic! Thank you for putting them together in the Avatar amazing way as you have. You are one very special person. Lots of love,

Brenda Napthali- USA