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Dear Harry,

I can't believe what has happened to me in the last month. I started the Avatar " experience"  in Berg En Dal (Netherlands). Today, a month later, I am a licensed Avatar Master. Unbelievable! What life Trauma's I have handled in a month!!

My Father had Epileptic Attacks before I was born until I was two years old. It had a great effect on how I was raised and grew up. Now I realize everything/every identity I had, I created them. Now they are gone. I had a car accident in 1991. I didn't get the right medical treatment nor any Psychological support. Now the pain has gone. The crash doesn't have any effect on me. I was "victim" of a hold up with heavy violence. The robbers shot at me. I had 5 years of Psychological/Psychiatric treatment. Nothing was solved. Afterwards I became ill with chronic fatigue disease (CFS). Five years of medical treatment and two years of psychological support even made me sicker. Last year I went to a psychologist because a family situation appeared I couldn't cope with.

All of this is gone now in less than a month. And I did it myself! Thank you Harry. Without Avatar I couldn't say this at this moment. I am self-assured, self supporting and independent. My traumas are gone. My health has improved. I don't feel sick anymore; there are just some "inconveniences" left. I have the feeling I am born again. And I know I have confidence in myself.

I hope I can contribute to the Avatar network and give other people the opportunity to have a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the Masters and students who walked with me.

L.M.- Belgium

My dearest Harry,

I have lived with anxiety my entire life. For the first time ever, I know this is my creation and that it has "served me and protected me" all these years. I now know I don't have to feel this way anymore.

Through Avatar I have created an inner peace that took 51 years to discover. I did it in 9 days! Thank you for the gift of Avatar. With deep appreciation and love,

Lauryann Aldon- USA


Oh Harry!....I am finally getting a glimpse of the person I want to be. It's finally possible! Thank you. I love you,

Cathy Pearlman- USA

Hi Harry

I want to acknowledge you for having the courage to work through all your stuff, all the discouragement and attack -  to bring us the Avatar tools. For giving us this path to enlightenment, for bringing it into the world, for the gift you are giving me, us and the planet.
It is a pure wonder, and I am just so blessed to have found Avatar, the team and your tools. It is such a profound and graceful path for our growth and reconnection with ourselves and each other, and the pureness of it has such beauty and grace that it brings me to tears.

You have created such an amazing team around you - I am so grateful for everything you have done to have been able to bring us this grace and relief from our own suffering. I know you are very humble, and gracious and will flow this directly outwards to the team and humanity - but I do so feel so much gratitude for what you are giving us. It is what we have been waiting for - and without it my life would still be meandering along in a dream of confusion and ego centric 'give-me's.

Thank you so much for this path - it is really like giving us a new life - the one we were meant for. Thank you a million times over. Love,

Derek Browne- New Zealand