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Insights! Insights! Insights! Boy am I a different person from the one who finished the Avatar Course 3 years ago here in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Thank you and Avra for allowing me to review the course here.

Sharon Digby- USA


I just experienced being with "Myself" and that being okay. Knowing I can always go there for nourishment is wonderful as well. Seeing my time here on this planet as an incredible opportunity as spirit to deliberately create positive change, by being that as an example, I accept all that is as an opportunity for expansion. Thank you for helping me back to "feel"! Cheers!!

Lynsey- USA

Dear Harry,

So I was eating Nachos at a restaurant across the street from my Avatar Course and I came to the conclusion that I was seeing a perfect example of Thoughtstorm from Section two of the course.

When I eat from the Nacho plate all by myself(look at an idea), my single viewpoint is pretty inefficient. Looking from just one side makes finding good "chip grabbing" opportunities (idea insights) difficult. When eaten (explored) in a group, the different perspectives of the platter (idea) are always providing great chip grabbing opportunities ( "Aha" moments). And furthermore, when I spin the plate around to different viewpoints I am Thoughtstorming about my Nachos!

Joseph Wanzor- USA

Dear Harry,

Gee- I've been sooo competitive. I can feel how I've wanted to get ahead, be first, win and leave everyone else behind. I have been irreverent to my connections.  I'm beginning to feel how important and reverent each connection is.

It's amazing to look back on the definitions I have created around winning. I played basketball in high school and, even though it was a team sport, I had a goal to be the most valuable player and to break the scoring record. I was successful at both, which brought me lots of press and attention. I have felt a shift now as I have been coaching other people. The shift from attention on self, in pretense of being in service, to attention out on the consciousness I'm coaching and in reverence for the experience. I'm also experiencing a shift from not being a team player. I've been doing it alone long enough. I've created being an only child. My Mom always told me she didn't want other children, so I wouldn't have to share. I bought that belief and have used it for 50 years in this lifetime!

So...I'm not alone. I don't have to or want to do it alone. I want to connect- to be real and to help contribute. Thanks for the tools that support these realizations. Much love,

Pam Ciganik- USA