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Dear Harry,

I took a vacation from my mind yesterday! What a relief. Most fun I have had for a while. I celebrate with you and my gratitude expands for the gifts you have given us and our opportunity to return the gifts to you and pass them on to the world! Wishing you the best year ever!

Nadine Raffelson- USA

Dear Harry,

I am so grateful for your gift to the planet. The tools and the sangha have changed my life and I am very grateful! To get out of my constrictive reality bubble has been my goal. Fear and doubt have ridden my back, keeping me down anytime I went out. I feel like I have moved beyond this and I am better able to stay there. Hugs and love from my heart,

Linda Dean- USA


Dear Harry and all who work for Star's Edge,

I'm a composer and orchestrator, and also a Avatar Master since 2005. I've challenged myself to live abroad, here in France and 'difficult' circumstances made me feel very exhausted. Including childbirth of my wife and linguistic problems. Above all, Musical composition needs a lot of attention, and composers easily fall in a situation so complicated. At some moments, it's uncontrollable.

Yesterday I opened the book 'ReSurfacing' and did some exercises. Wonderfully, they worked. I got important insights. If I name the experience passed, it was 'The state of Exhaustion of Attention'. And I solved it - just yesterday - by 2 exercises, 'Releasing Fixed Attention', and the method for situations when the attention is exhausted.

The 1st exercise was wonderful because it really worked for me, who was totally 'exhausted' by worries, continuous thinking, chaos. Artistic elaboration often go into the sphere unknown, composers project their identities into it. What happens? They have absolutely lost themselves in boundless universe without any fiducial point. Their egos dance, emotions exhausted. But with this exercise, it's favorably solved. Concentrate, relax, concentrate, relax.... deliberately, it's not kind of pushing to make something appear, or just let myself rest until some inspiration come into my brain, no, we can discover clear shapes, directions, answers, lightning inspiration by which the whole structure of work is shown. No other method is simpler than this, but it's the decisive technique for any artist.

For 2nd method, I don't know how to describe this. It's about organizing things, but related with drift of attention. Why is this  important for musician? It's because the technique of synthesizing the sub-structures, sub-techniques, or details, to a perceivable, perfect unity was regarded as just a matter of 'talent'. Now I think it's not just a talent. I found everything we deal with is related to drift of attention. I guess we are already progressing so far in developing human ability. Just with the simplest techniques. Thanks, with much love,
Raehyun Yoo, France

Dear Harry,

My Ex-wife found Avatar through her desire to be a better person. She relentlessly encouraged me to take part in this amazing process. I resisted. I also saw changes in her behaviour, she was more confident, more impulsive, brave and, I thought, annoying and deceptive (both labels I'd put on her.)

I was an angry person who believed that the universe had put me in a place and life where I had no opportunity to be anything like the person I wanted to be. Although I was angry, nobody knew, I'd hid it with so many layers of personalities, I didn't know who I was. (I'd forgotten mostly and thought I could never achieve anything.) Then all of a sudden I felt a truth in everything she was doing. I saw the smile on her face every night when she went to sleep.

I was inspired! So, I visited the Avatar Master my wife worked with. WOW! I think this was when I knew I was not the only person on the planet that thought like or felt like I did. I wanted to make my world, my planet, my life so much better than what it was.


Without these courses I would not be the person I am today! I am who I choose to be, not who I am told to be. I am now living a healthy, active, deliberate lifestyle doing the things that please me and still managing to have the material objects I've always been used to. I am doing courses in Personal Training (not bad for a 5 foot 11, formally 120kg, 34 year-old.) I weigh 90 kgs, run everyday and encourage people to be better, loving and inspiring.

I am happy.

My ex-wife and I are friends and in the future, with our love of our daughter and Avatar we will be great friends.
We are all the happiest weve ever been, our friends feel it, our relatives know it and I love it.

Troy Edwards- Australia