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Dear Harry,

How calm and peaceful I have become! I got out from beneath numerous conflicts and negative thoughts. I gained confidence to accept others calmly which I had nothad before. I got out from past beliefs and bad habits and the behaviors generated by them. I saw which way to go. Now I can embrace it with a comfortable mind and proceed with confidence!

J.Y.S.- Korea


Avatar is such a fast and effective method that works easily. Wow! One exercise I experienced myself like a roller coaster, the feeling of a circling 3-D form moving throughout my body. A big cleaning!

This feeling is a big present to humanity. Where we can finally help the world by starting with ourselves and then continue with other people, societies and the world. I let everything drop in. I am speechless.

B.W.- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

My life is mine. That is the most succinct way I can put it. My thoughts, experiences and beliefs are defined by me and only me. I no longer retreat inward away from feeling, and instead I embrace the experience of the moment. Thank you! With unconditional love,


Dear Harry,

I see a lot of potential in the Avatar materials. I think somehow it must be possible to create a utopian society on earth, where mankind can live in freedom and peace!




Avatar has changed every aspect of my life. I am successful at my job, I am creating the relationship of my dreams and my gratitude for life is infinite. Each course enables me to further integrate blocks and resistances I experience in life and move forward with happiness and grace.

Karen Geoghegan- USA