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Dear Harry,

My life is mine. That is the most succinct way I can put it. My thoughts, experiences and beliefs are defined by me and only me. I no longer retreat inward away from feeling, and instead I embrace the experience of the moment. Thank you! With unconditional love,


Dear Harry,

I see a lot of potential in the Avatar materials. I think somehow it must be possible to create a utopian society on earth, where mankind can live in freedom and peace!




Avatar has changed every aspect of my life. I am successful at my job, I am creating the relationship of my dreams and my gratitude for life is infinite. Each course enables me to further integrate blocks and resistances I experience in life and move forward with happiness and grace.

Karen Geoghegan- USA

Dear Harry,

I would just like to acknowledge you for creating the Avatar tools. These tools are invaluable in helping one become more open, expansive and accepting. Thank you for being this person which has taught me how to become like that too!

Caroline Barnwell- Australia