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Hello Harry,

I am printing all the online lessons. I read Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing about 10 yrs ago. I was released from the prison of thinking others created for me. Going through chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), I kept taking noncredit correspondence courses and experienced them as life changing. I also explored religion and was always running to some kind of control organization for safety/acceptance.

Avatar is the purest form of logic in saving a person's identity. I e-mail the mini-courses to friends occasionally. I am going through another identity crisis now as a widow with an unemployed son and son-in-law. After 49 yrs of marriage, suddenly I have to find my identity again. Thanks Harry Palmer and Avatar for being there,

Juanita M. Stuart- USA

Dear Harry,

This Avatar Course is the third time I have interned as an Avatar Master. My Mother and older brother are my students. It has taken 3 years to inspire my brother to get here. My Mother started the journey at the Sydney Australia Course and didn't finish. She came back to review and finish the course. I am in awe of her courage in handling her 68 years worth of consciousness blueprint.

Yesterday she integrated an event which occurred when she was eleven years old. That was amazing! She took responsibility of that whole creation. All these years she had blamed her Mum for it. Mum is going to Avra's Orlando International Course where she will finish the course.

As a Master this internship with my family members has given me the opportunity to learn how to create the space for others to process their blueprint, while I flow appreciation and neutral attention. This morning all three of us sat together as your DVD "Connection and Encouragement" was played. I really get what you meant; because of Avatar my family and I have a new connection!

Jade Safein- Australia

Dear Harry,

Before Avatar I had lived in the type 3 belief system you wrote about in "Living Deliberately". I have gathered proofs and given all my attention to doing so. I've lived in a small field with many laws and rules and I haven't taken any personal responsibilities. Now I decide to live in a type 4 belief system and give my attention to the future. I will live deliberately now doing primaries. The more and more I use the Avatar tools; the more and more I can feel myself! So amazing. Thank you. Many thanks to you Harry.

Pae Jung Yun- Korea

Dear  Harry,

In the last year I was introduced to the Avatar Course and I have experienced a lot! At first it was a struggle to understand myself little by little. But now I have decided to create my reality not from the "myself" already known, but from the "myself" I want to become. I am very proud and surprised to see myself deciding and making plans voluntarily. Avatar is really amazing and great. I want to become someone who really acts in reality, not just feeling a momentary emotion. I'll make an effort to be that person to the end. Thanks for letting me experience this!!!

Kim Nam Young- Korea