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Dear Harry,

Before Avatar I had lived in the type 3 belief system you wrote about in "Living Deliberately". I have gathered proofs and given all my attention to doing so. I've lived in a small field with many laws and rules and I haven't taken any personal responsibilities. Now I decide to live in a type 4 belief system and give my attention to the future. I will live deliberately now doing primaries. The more and more I use the Avatar tools; the more and more I can feel myself! So amazing. Thank you. Many thanks to you Harry.

Pae Jung Yun- Korea

Dear  Harry,

In the last year I was introduced to the Avatar Course and I have experienced a lot! At first it was a struggle to understand myself little by little. But now I have decided to create my reality not from the "myself" already known, but from the "myself" I want to become. I am very proud and surprised to see myself deciding and making plans voluntarily. Avatar is really amazing and great. I want to become someone who really acts in reality, not just feeling a momentary emotion. I'll make an effort to be that person to the end. Thanks for letting me experience this!!!

Kim Nam Young- Korea


Once again I am impressed by the efficiency of the Avatar material. In one single, simple exercise from section III of The Avatar Course I got rid of this huge problem with all it's sadness and heaviness. It was wonderful experience and afterwards I felt one huge blank space in which I could create anything I want! It made me realize I want to share this with my friends and all the people I love.

It's time to show up and really start creating what I want!

Tineke De Munnik- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I can see that my perceptions have been increasing on this course. It is becoming sharper and sharper. Today I realized how badly I was treating a friend. I felt chagrin and anger and so I used the tools about this. While I handled the resisted experience I felt the heart of my mom, who had abused me, and I could completely forgive her. I now appreciate my friend who became the trigger that allowed me to handle all this. Thank you,

Miyuki Konishi- Japan