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Hi Harry,

G'day to you and all. My love and appreciation to all in the Avatar network. I would like to share an insight/feeling(s) I have had within the last couple of hours/days. I have been watching the video with your talk on Life Challenges (again LOL), and, I feel the need to share insights I have had. Firstly I should give some background. I did my Avatar course in Dec/Jan, then I did my Master's course in Feb(?), I did Professional course in Oct  and then went to Wizard's after that.  And yes, as I have heard many times I am a fast tracker. Which was, to some extent, the reason I didn't take in all the Life changes/challenges that were offered up by being gifted your Avatar tools. As a result I slipped back into old ways. After all I had over 40ish years of old habits to deal with and sort out. Nothing new to most of you that read this, but, for me it was harder than expected.

I have over time tried to repel anything to do with Avatar, but, something seems to have resonated with me on those courses because I have NEVER been able to get away from the Avatar experience, (For which I will eternally be grateful). I always found myself using the tools to tell myself that what I am doing is not the correct path to go down etc. Which brings me to my insight. I found myself wanting to watch a "Harry DVD" one day and put on Life Challenges. WELL! I felt into the video and soon found myself taking notes. I have NEVER been one to take notes before in my life. After a while I read what I had written and I can tell you I shed A LOT of tears because I realised I had FINALLY GOT IT. Not that I had done anything about my problems, I am saying that I just realised what you, Harry were on about. I get that Harry, Avra, Stars Edge and all the QM's can only do so much, but really it comes down to the individual (I think) to step out of the abyss and put all the information/tools to use...and for me it took a lot of inwards looking.

I would like to say that I am on my way to discreating/creating the person I want to be, and would like to say to those that are doubting their experiences, that one way or another, Harry/Avra/Star's Edge and the QM's are/will get you to be the person you want to be. I realise that some/much/all of what I have expressed/written may be gobbly gook to the intelligentsia, but I would simply like to express that I love the tools/DVD's/Harry/Avra/Star's Edge/QM's and most of all my Master Andrew Tuck. I am aware that I have rambled and that I won't win the award for written expression anytime soon, but, believe you me, the tools/info works. AND, it is up to the individual to put the tools to work/good use to become the person you want to be!

Gav Hastings-Australia

Dear Harry,

I just wanted to say thank you again and again. I have been on the Avatar Path for several years now, but just keep feeling like I am walking out of the fog into the sunshine, more and more and realizing how much of my attention has been focused on the fog. Now I want to deliberately feel the sun on my skin and in my heart, then pass on that feeling to others. Thanks for tools that shift so much, so easily and a fantastic Sangha to work with.  Much love and gratitude,
Judy Grayson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

I have say this to you; Your Avatar materials are incredibly good!!! I know you knew, but I still would like to thank you again. Even though I have done the Wizard course, some areas I was still not ready to change.

Today I re-did your ReSurfacing exercises, #24 and #25, Exploring Definition and Motivation. I have gotten lots of insights and decided to deliberately define "I". Guess what? I feel so much freedom to decide who I want to be and what experience that I want to be exploring. I am totally empowered by this exercise!
So interesting exploring our consciousness!! My goodness, what an experience! Sorry, I have no words to describe this experience. But Thank you deeply! love,
Julie Tu- Australia

Dear Harry,

Thank you! I have been stretching and pushing the boundaries of my limitations. I have been trusting and receiving the most lovely support from my Qualified Master and my Master partner to create my primaries.

I redid my Personality Profile from the ReSurfacing Course and what stood out was my " I can't do it" attitude. I used the tools to discreate this and later as I was doing the housework I had a spontaneous primary of " I Can Do it!!" I called some interested in Avatar; she came to ReSurfacing and she loves the tools and the mission of Avatar. Her unfoldment began and she signed up to do the International Avatar Course in Orlando with Avra. I did It!! What a joy to see it through to the benefit of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you so much,

Julie Nott- Australia


Dear Harry,

It is indescribable what happens on this Avatar Course! A wonderful success I would like to share with you; a student of mine was born with neurodermatitis and now has had his major success! He has lived his life in pain, depression, loneliness and closure. Today the miracles started happening.

As he did the exercise beginning Section II, he came into feeling and his energy changed completely. I was so touched. I was so happy for him that he now had a chance for happiness. Then he moved into the Creation exercises and he was like a changed person. As he worked with different partners his inner walls crumbled. He stood up blooming and hugged a few people in the room! I never saw him like that.

I personally was never as touched as this and felt so much joy and compassion in this moment. It is a miracle. My trust in the Avatar tools is 1000%! I send my love, gratitude and appreciation,

Francesco Tranquillo- Germany