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Hello everyone at Stars Edge,

I am so grateful for the life-changing experiences I had with Avatar and Wizards. I am experiencing so much on a daily basis, calmness, excitement, courage, enjoying everyday life. I have a new place of employment & I am loving it. My perspectives have changed dramatically & it is an amazing life, and it was me all the time! Thank you,

Karen Lynn- USA

Dear Harry,

Your DVD "Don't Sell Yourself Short" was interesting. I realized I was creating similar situations in my life. Even with food. I would see something that I didn't know at a buffet  and think it looked dangerous but then I also wanted it, because it was with something else I liked. I wavered between both minds. I realize now I can discreate the one side immediately. I started working on it at that level. I know I can use the tools in the moment and I will go forward. I will continue to use the Avatar tools and make myself clear more! Thank you,

Kagaya Moe- Korea


I was so envious of my children because they live in the now and don't have to carry the burden, pain, fear and nervousness that I felt. Those feelings created such a mess that there was no room for anything else. Literally. I have been consumed by fear and anxiety since forever, not knowing anything else.

I have been searching for a way out forever also. In my search I've been brought to my knees. I created my own Hell, until awareness came knocking on my door in the form of Avatar. I am home at last! Namaste,

Janette Vooren

Dear Harry,

I'm using my Avatar tools all the time, sometimes all day when I'm on shaky ground. Thank you for a way that works, not ever have they failed. I have faith.

Graham Macdonald- USA

I feel wonderful I am able to contribute to the happiness of others and the universe. I am really happy to connect with this sangha taking action to make a better world. Thank you,

Shinobu Kawai- Japan