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Dear Harry,
Yes, creating an EPC is an awesome task! Yet you persevered and kept going and kept going and kept going. THANK HEAVEN!
I feel so blessed to be alive at this time and so honored to be a part of this sangha of committed people. What an opportunity and gift The Professional Course has given us, what a challenge...Thank you for persevering. Thank you for creating these courses, for doing the work, so that I may do the work and have fun too.

I always thought life was serious, now I feel the joy of living, the fun and yes, the sadness. Last of all it is a gift and an opportunity to grow. And am I growing! I feel so expanded, open and connected. I feel joy, sorrow, love, and despair. I feel it all and how I see I can appreciate it all.

And now the Compassion Project! WOW! I am sharing myself, connecting from a whole new place inside of me and sharing those cards, those beautiful cards. Personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others, how simple, how profound.

Thank you so, so, so much! I feel so grateful, humbled by the awe and challenge and opportunity. I send you love always,

Joan Fletcher

Dear Harry,

The First time I came to the Avatar Professional Course, I was 2 weeks shy of a divorce. Last year, I had just come home from my mom's funeral. Both times the help I received was beyond changing, healing.

This year, I am not in crisis and I am at a very interesting cross roads. Pro has helped me open up, decide to move forward, and see pathways for these changes. I feel soft, unafraid of connecting, and yet both are decisive.

Thank you for the Compassion Project. I am excited about giving away the beautiful cards, and so easily sharing Avatar with many, many beings.

¡Gracias Harry!
Love, Jamie

Words don't feel that they express the gratitude I feel for you Harry and Avra--for your vision, your passion and your commitment to creating enlightenment in this planet one friend at a time. I am so full of care, and compassion and an absolute willingness and desire to take as much responsibility as I can in my life, and to help you in this mission. My whole life I have wanted people to be more caring but I have not been caring myself.

I feel so lucky to be a trickle in the raging river we are going to create. I am feeling a desire to clean up as much as I can while I am here, so I can do all I can to contribute. What a special project. I am so grateful to be here and to be a part of this. Thank you so very much.

All my love and support,

Dear Harry,

Every single course, the results with the Avatar tools are getting better and better. I am amazed about the simplicity and the speed. This stuff really works and it works with the speed of light.

I love the connection with people that I have never met before. The love, care and compassion are beyond anything I have ever felt before.

Thank you so much for the Compassion Project. I know we can help so many people more into a different way of life.

Arienne G.

P.S. One of my students was actually inspired just by doing the compassion exercise. She is right here in this course! Thanks

Today, Harry, as you introduced the Compassion Project, I felt the blessing to the world go out. I also felt a deep responsibility and privilege to be a part of this project, which will assist the planet to return to its proper place in the universe. The universe is smiling! I feel like the foundation is in place and now the world is able to have a stable reference point for creating an EPC. What an honor it is to be here now with you!

Warmly and in Love,
Veronica LaChapelle- USA