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May God bless you with all of the fruits of your EPC in 2020! Thank you for creating a path for loving and connecting with others, without fear or guilt. There's no greater high on the planet. Thank you for your loving heart and have touched many with your work and the Compassion Project. This is an amazing time, Harry, thanks to you and Star's Edge. May you feel the love that you have helped abundance!

To all at Star's Edge,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Compassion Project. It's so great to hand out the card and see people really being happy to get such a nice present. Very well done! I cannot say how much I love this project. I have handed out nearly 300 cards and my primary for tomorrow is another 100.

Lots of love

Juliane Schwarz- United Kingdom
Dear Harry,

I want to take this moment to thank you for so much. Without you there would be no Avatar Materials. Without the Avatar Materials I personally . . . and the rest of the world . . . would have no sweet and simple way to stop suffering, Thank you for The Compassion Project. Thank you for the DVDs. I watched your new series several times during the last weekend and was touched more deeply each time. Thank you for the opportunity to be in service and experience ‘Bodhisatva Boot Camp!' Thank you for the living example and reminders that "prosperity and good works belong together." Thank you for the tools to free attention and use it to create an EPC. Thank you for giving us the route to go directly to awareness (without passing go) when we decide to end this current incarnation. I could go on thanking you forever. Let me conclude for now by letting you know I commit to doing whatever it takes to bring at least 4 new Wizards in to Wizards. Thank you for the opportunity to do this and continue doing it forever.

Much love and joy ,

Hi Harry!

I just wanted share the excitement I feel. It's so exciting! Between the Compassion Project and Wizards Inspiration, so many people are shifting. There are people coming back into the network. There are people getting back on track to get to Masters. People who are not yet Avatars are making positive shifts in their lives. It's so exciting!!!! It's happening! It's so exciting!

Thank you so, so, so very much!

With love and a whole bunch of gratitude,
Linda Denmark


Thank you for taking the time to create Avatar and for creating this network. My life has completely changed because of the decisions you made to move forward and to create really big. I really appreciate that, and I want to do that for others. Thank you for launching the Compassion Project. What a great idea and how easy will it be to connect to people!

Deborah Thomas Knight