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Dear Harry,

I'm Assistant Director of Business Network International in Switzerland. There are chapters in the USA also. The slogan of BNI is "givers gain". My primary is to reach as many people as possible all over the world in the different chapters because many of this people are entrepreneurs and have already the right mindset to be compassionate, appreciative and support others in their growing and success. They are good creators as well but when they start to integrate their identities and learn to discreate it's a wonderful potential for the world.
Thanks Harry for this wonderful project, that doesn't only increase compassion in the world but also supports your Masters to make easy connections to people. I have sent the link to all directors of the BNI chapters in Florida - and my primary is, that they are contributing with distributing compassion cards as well.. Much Love,

J. P. Canonica- Switzerland

Hello Harry,

We are in the process of all care staff at three residential aged care homes receiving a Compassion card and being guided through the exercise as part of a project at my work. Should be more than 100 given out by the time we finish. The first group loved it. Thanks and lots of love,
Carmel Fitzgerald- Australia

Dear Harry,
I can't thank you enough for creating Avatar and all the evolvements around it. My first Avatar course helped my feel HAPPY for the first time in my life! What a gift! But it just hasn't stopped being a blessing in my life. It's been 5 years now, and I can really feel compassion (a non-existent word in my life before Avatar). Which brings me to this Internship gift. I can't thank you enough for the Jr. AI program, the WAY COOL Compassion Project Cards!

July 2008 Internship Jr AI Criteria Evaluation helped me realize my huge misalignment with my money (and consequently, my spouse). I decided to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea for a year to clean all of that up, and have a small savings to get started as a full time Master. Upon my successful return I arrived at Pro Course (as I expected, it was just the re-entry I needed) and then you spoke AND gave us Compassion Cards. They inspired me to outflow at home more easily. BUT THEN, I came to this internship and I get to go on field trips AND you GIVE us cards to use. Well, I have been having a BLAST passing them out. And in doing so, I have learned HUGE chunks about inspiring others. Your gift has helped me see that I am inspiring. At first, it was only to other Masters (I was amazed, even a bit embarrassed, but it's just way too fun and easy with these cards). AND, as I integrate my Lone Wolf identity through the JR. AI Morning Program, I am now able to work as a team player, being inspiring and inspired! Thanks so much!

Patricia Juhasz
St. Augustine, Fl.

Don't underestimate the Compassion Card!

I first met Nahal when she showed up at my door to to pick up something. She handed me her card and a Compassion Card. She told me that she was an Avatar Master. I had no idea what that was. I didn't ask. After she left I went into my office and looked at her card; read the Compassion Exercise and started to cry.

I had asked my higher power to find a fast track way to enlightenment. (I study yoga.) I also was looking for a way to study compassion instead of feeling sorrow and pity all the time. The card was my answer, and here I am.

Thank you Harry. I'm so excited about the Compassion Project because I know the power of it.

Hugs and blessings,
Laurie Escott

Hi Harry,

The Compassion Project is a winner! I personally have had great results with the Compassion exercise in my life. I love to share it and all the Avatar tools with others. The Compassion Project has amplified my appreciation. I was impressed during the last few days by several stories I want to share with you in gratitude.

I was at a business event in Florida and passed out some Compassion cards. As I handed one to the man next to me, he shared a story about how, while having a heated phone discussion with his ex-wife, he felt like she was being very rude yelling at him on the phone. He said he really wasn't listening to her anymore as he was getting angry too. Someone had given him a compassion card some weeks earlier. He remembered, pulled out his compassion card, put his attention on his ex-wife and did the exercise. He said he felt much more connected and compassionate. What really surprised him was she actually became understanding, apologetic and ended the call on a pleasant note.

Another business person from Arizona, that also hasn't taken the Avatar Course yet, just ordered 500 compassion cards and said " I work with Domestic Violence Offenders and Alcoholic/Drug addicts. This card will be a wonderful teaching tool and gift to clients and referrals alike. I'm thrilled to participate in this project."

Wow! The Compassion Project is definitely helping create a better world for us all to share. Thank you so much for all you do towards that goal! Aloha,

Dale Sims- USA