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I called a prospective student this morning. She has a Power Pack and has been enthusiastically using the "Awakening the Will" Exercise.

When I called, she had recently awoken from a dream in which I was at her house with a fancy projector showing her a film of you talking.

I had been contemplating doing an Intro at her place, so after aligning with Dave, rang her back, and asked if she would like her dream to come true.

So, tomorrow, that is what we will be doing. So very, very cool. And my intention is to create the space in which she awakens to a place inside herself in which she feels and shows she can create being at the ReSurfacing next weekend. That will be a miracle indeed. Totally aligned with where she wants to go.

Lots of love. Thanks for empowering our dreams.

Fiona Campbell- Australia- 2008