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Hi guys,

Processing another student the other night at our monthly New York wizards processing night, I felt a strong desire to reach out to you and just say:

After all these years, Avatar ROCKS!

You know, the last few weeks some wizard friends and I have been committing to waking up extra early to do primaries over the phone... and I'm telling you... it makes such a huge difference... I know that you know that I know that we all know of all the benefits... but sometimes we forget... its like, you can know it, and then you actually DO it and then you KNOW it.

You know?


In any case, truth is, if you actually do this, practice using the tools on a consistent basis, you not only coast through your day/life feeling super pumped and primary, but I have noticed that when I look in the mirror its like years have fallen from my face! And I know this is ridiculously redundant for someone who has been in the network for so long to be telling you this because it is so obvious to us ... but you know what, I just figured why not tell you again anyway....

The beauty of it is that it still works after all these years! you know what I mean by this? It is one thing to get these kind of enthusiastic fan letters about Avatar from baby Avatars or new masters or whatever. I know we receive a lot of them. which is great. But to continue to have great results from it years and years later... there is something very profound and powerful in that...

You guys know me. If it's out there, I've jumped in and tried it, read it, practiced it, drank it, eaten it, swallowed it, inhaled it, embraced it, researched it, thrown my arms around it, etc etc ad nauseum... probably a lot like Harry in that respect. I'm just super curious about consciousness-shaping.... and I have to humbly and passionately report to you as a now 38 year old man (as opposed to the 25 year old boy I was when we all first met in this lifetime) these processes are still the absolute best most effective out there on the planet today... and trust me, I've looked... and there's some great stuff out there... but there is something inherently fucking brilliant in the Avatar words, tools, and processes that we simply cannot find anywhere else.

As a fellow explorer it just makes me want to walk up to both of you and slap you on the back with a big smile and say "Do you have any fucking idea how freaking great this stuff is?!"

I swore to Nahal this morning on the phone "listen, there is no need for me to email them about this because they already know all this stuff..." but she persisted that indeed you all may still enjoy receiving these letters... So here is another one for ya!

Anyway, as always to both of you, so much love and gratitude and encouragement your way from me... thank you thank you.

I hope all is better than well. Please keep up the great work and know that regardless of whether we are out there in our lives doing our own things and you might not see us for a while, many of us are still big supporters and friends to you two.

Ed Hale